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ESL Job Feed is the most eclectic and broad source of ESL jobs and teaching positions available worldwide.?ESL Job Feed publishes links to ESL job postings from a variety of sources including TESall, Total ESL, Yahoo!/Monster, Guardian Jobs, Chronicle of Higher Education, craigslist, TESOL Org, TEFL and many more. From conversation schools for beginners to university positions for teaching veterans,?ESL Job Feed is your source for English teaching positions worldwide.


Date 2013-01-01 03:01:58 Location : Asia:Korea


We have tons of experience supplying teachers to EPIK (English Program In Korea), which is run by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology; the many Provincial Offices of Education; as well as a large number of other English language institutions (hagwons). This varied experience enables I Love ESL to provide you with many more English teaching job options than the average recruiter. We are well versed in the Korean culture and language as well; consequently we are ideally positioned to help your transition to Korea

Established in 1998 by a Korean-Canadian, I Love ESL will share our extensive knowledge of Korean lifestyles, language skills and advices to help find the right job for you. Our strong relationships with the Provincial and Metropolitan Offices of Education enable us to help you with issues that may arise while you are teaching in Korea. It is extremely important to have a well-experienced and trustworthy recruiter help you get a reliable job and take care of the various issues while you are working in Korea. We are a people-oriented organization and are committed to give our best in ensuring your satisfaction with your teaching placement. Our roles and responsibilities do not end when you enter Korea. We will provide on-going supports throughout your stay in Korea!

Once we receive your information, we will contact you as soon as we can.


JOB #1


We have many private language institution jobs from ASAP to March 2013. If you are interested in private language institutions (Hagwons), please visit and email us the necessary information.

Once we receive your information, we will contact you as soon as we can



Required teachers: prefer (not a must) to hire teachers with teaching experiences or with higher qualification (BA in English, BEd, BA with TESL , Major in TESL etc.). Teachers already in Korea welcome to apply.
Starting date: January 25th - early Feb. 2013 (can wait till February 01, 2013)
Working hours: 1pm to 8pm. Two short days (finish work around 6pm)
Salary: 2.3M to 2.5M (depending on the qualification)
Age group:
- Elementary school student (teach at Elementary schools)
- Teaching nurses or government officers (three to seven classes per week)
Total working hours per month: 120 hours maximum but average of 90-100 hours per month.
Housing: A nice single apartment
Location: Jinju city, a nice and clean city near the cost
City website:
Vacation: 10 working days.

Only eligible candidates will be contacted for an interview.

CUE is located in Chinju, which is a peaceful and beautiful city situated in southern Korea, not far from Busan. Unlike many national Universities in Korea, CUE is large enough to offer many excellent benefits and facilities to our instructors. It is also small enough that it possesses a friendly atmosphere and a unique campus culture.

Jinju (Chinju) city, Gyungsangnam-do, South Korea
Please forward resume, cover letter, recent photo, and a copy of passport


JOB #3: Winter Camp position @ JinJu National University


JOB #4: International offshore school in Ananyang City --Pyeongcheon area (close to Seoul)

The school is run by a corporation under the Chosun daily news paper ( ) and in the process of establishing a offshore international school (based on Canadian curriculum)
Currently looking for candidate who can perform a duties as a principle (also can teach)
Must have a teaching certificate in Canada. If you are a USA citizen you should have a teacher certificate in US and familiar with Canadian curriculum
Must have a MA degree (if you have Education degree you may be considered even if you do not have a MA degree)
3 or more years teaching experience is required (again duties will include both administration of the school and teaching for now)
No age restrictions for this job.
Prefer Canadian but US citizen can also apply (who is familiar with Canadian curriculum)
Salary 3.5M per month
Small details can be negotiated if you are qualified.


JOB #5: Private school position in Bundang (close to Seoul)

Location: Bundang (a nice city near Seoul)

Information about the city

Starting date: January 25th, 2013
# position available: 4 teachers , looking for female teachers only, if possible prefer to hire Bachelor of Education or people with teaching experiences. Other majors and without teaching experience are welcome to apply for the positions.
Working conditions: 30 hours per week
Salary: 2.1M per month (if you have a Education degree the salary is negotiable)
You will always be paid on time
If you work overtime hours, you will be paid 20,000 won for each additional class
Approximately 70% kindergarteners + 30% of elementary school students. Need to like Kindergartners and young students.
Classes are Monday - Friday (9am to 6pm).
Severance pay: equivalent to one month salary after completion of one year contract
Airfare: round- trip airfare (for one year contract)
Housing: single room with furnished near school
Medical Insurance: one half provided by employer other half by employee.
Vacation and Holidays: 10 days paid vacation + Korean holidays


JOB #5 GEPIK (GyeongGi English Program In Korea)-March-May starting positions.

Teachers in Korea, who can have a face to face interview are welcome to apply

GEPIK is the Gyeonggi-do Province school divisions English program. The cities located in this province are what we refer to as Seoul "Satellite" cities. The GEPIK program is a government initiative that employs native English teachers to teach in Public schools. Being government schools, the contract is 100% secure.

Successful applicants will be required to conduct English conversation classes for Korean primary and secondary school students as part of the Korean government's aim to promote and strengthen English language education. A candidate should have a strong sense of creativity and motivation as well as enjoy working with young children as part of an academic team. Successful applicants are expected to focus on the development of oral communication skills using interactive teaching methods.

BA degree in any major plus one of the followings
- ESL Certification of at least 100 hours (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, etc.) from an accredited institution
- A degree in a related field (Education, English Language or Linguistics)
- At least one full years experience as a full time instructor at an accredited institution or school

The term of the contract is for 52 weeks.
The NETs shall work 8 hours per day, 5 calendar days per week excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays (approx. 14 days) of the Republic of Korea. The work hours of NETs may follow the normal work schedule of Korean teachers.

Start Date: March - May 2013

# of positions: 20-30 openings

Locations: throughout Gyeongi provice (Seongnam City, Ansung, Hanam city, Ilsan, Bundang, Goyang, Namyangju, Paju, Suwon etc.)

Salary offered: 2.1M~2.5M Korean won (depending on teacher's qualification and experience)
Fully furnished single housing or housing allowance (400,000 won per month)
Working Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm or 9:00am~5:00pm (Mon ~ Fri)
Teaching Hours: 22 hours per week
Settlement Fee: 300,000 Korean won upon your arrival
Paid Vacation: 4 weeks paid vacation
100% Severance pay once you complete 1 year contract
50% Medical Insurance
50% National Pension Plan
Round Trip Airfare (reimbursement)
Team teaching with Korean co-teacherAN

Teach English in China

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ESL Job Feed is the most eclectic and broad source of ESL jobs and teaching positions available. ESL Job Feed publishes links to ESL job postings from a variety of sources including TESall, Total ESL, Monster, Guardian Jobs,, Workopolis, Yahoo! hotjobs, Chronicle of Higher Education, craigslist, and many more. From conversation schools for beginners to university positions for teacher veterans. ESL Job Feed is your source for English teaching positions worldwide.

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