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Travel, Study, build a Career at American owned and managed school

Date 2013-01-24 03:01:32 Location : Asia:China

The details of what we offer:

AN APPROACHABLE AMERICAN OWNER AND MANAGER - Say goodbye to the hassles of pushed back paydays, last minute requests, lack of training, unbearable apartments, and dishonest managers who never back up their teachers.

ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES - Our school is growing fast and looking for people to get in on the ground floor and quickly move up to MANAGERS AND EVEN OWNERS

DYNAMIC LOCATION - Our School is located in Jining Shandong. It is a rapidly developing city with most of the western amenities you will want from back home, yet, being close to the birthplace of Confucius it has a unique Chinese charm and a still retains very much a pure contemporary Chinese culture you can’t find in most cities. Jining is also a relatively INEXPENSIVE place to live making it an IDEAL PLACE TO SAVE MONEY.


Travel Track- This job is for the person who likes to get out and have real adventures throughout China, but still make some money and have a place to call home. We offer 4-5 consecutive days off and heavy weekend hours to give teachers the ability to make the most of their stay in China.

16-20Hours a week –

5800-6800 RMB

4-5 consecutive days off a week


6/12 month contracts

Fully Furnished apartment

Flight reimbursement

Study Track- Learn a valuable skill that will last a lifetime. This job is for the person who wants full immersion in China and knows the best way to do that is by learning the Language first. We offer intensive classes of 1 on 1 Chinese for 12 hours a week giving people the fast track to learning Chinese.

16-20 Hours a week

5000-6000 RMB a week

3-4 consecutive days off a week

6/12 month contracts


Fully furnished apartment

Flight reimbursement

Career Track – Get in on the ground floor, and make yourself into something great. This track is for the motivated teacher who wants to move up the company ladder. We are rising quickly and are looking for people to rise with us. We recognize there is a lot of untapped potential in the English teacher community and we want to help you realize your potential. This position allows teachers to use their strengths to help us grow together, in addition to teaching hours, these teachers will help develop our school in areas such as curriculum development, management, marketing, staff training, and more. This position is a real gateway to a career in China as it allows for teachers to develop all the way to owners and beyond.

28 teaching hours a week and 12 office hours

9500- 12500 RMB

2 days off a week

12/24 month contracts


Free 2 hours 1 to 1 Chinese class a week

Fully furnished apartment

Flight reimbursement


Enjoy teaching with Children-(although we have students of all ages, at least half of your classes will be with children from ages 3 to 18 in SMALL CLASS SIZES)

Dedication to teaching your students in a fun yet professional manner.

Must be a native speaker from- The United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand or Australia.

Degree- Bachelors (preferred)

Work Experience 2 years (preferred)

Whether you are looking for an amazing adventure every week, to learn Chinese in intensive classes, or want to make a new career for yourself. We have to job for you. Welcome to America town Education.