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English (ESL) teachers - Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province

Date 2013-11-09 21:11:38 Location : Asia:China

Salary + Accommodations: Over RMB$10,000 per month Contact: Vivian's
3 vacancies for Kindergarten/Junior/Intermediate English (ESL) teachers
Two ESL teachers are needed in Jiangmen campus of Boren Sino-Canadian School, and one is needed in Dongguan Kindergarten.
Boren Sino-Canadian School was established in 1999 with the partnership of ALCDSB in Ontario, Canada. The school is operated under the Ontario curriculum and grants "OSSD" to its graduates. At the schools, we have Ontario qualified and non-qualified teachers teaching various subjects such as English, Chinese, Math (MCB, MDM, MGA), Science (SPH, SCH, PSE), Geography, Social Sciences, Arts (Music, Drama...), P.E. and many more; we also have teachers from US, Philippines, France, Venezuela, and Korea. Please go on our website to view our current teachers' profiles. The main campus of Boren School is in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province (
- Division: Kindergarten Junior and Senior Secondary (Grade 1 - 12)
- Number of students: 600 students
- Students' background: Chinese - 60%; Korean - 12%; Vietnam - 6%; Venezuela - 12%; Hong Kong - 5%; North Americas, Philippines, and Others - 5%;
- Students per class: approx. 30
- Total number of teachers: 50
- Total number of staff: 85
- Teachers required: 5 vacancies for Junior/Intermediate English (ESL), Math, Science, and Social Sciences teachers
Salary:RMB$8500 per month minimum. Starting salary would increase based on qualifications and relevant teaching experiences
Travel Allowance: Negotiable; One-time RMB$2000 - 10000 (depending on commitment, length of contract...etc)
Start Date:Feb-2014
, renewable upon completion of contractual term
Housing:4 Star Residence 10 minutes away from the School campus
- Each Apartment is shared with other international staff
- Every teacher will get a room by themselves with air conditioning
- All rooms have individual bathrooms
- The apartment has a limit in electricity usage; going over the limited will be at the expense of the staff in that apartment
- All apartments have cable and Internet access
- All apartments are fully furnished
Meals: included; 3 meals per day on working days.
- Teachers will eat in the cafeteria
- Teachers are welcome to cook for themselves at their apartments
Medical Insurance:Basic medical insurance coverage will be provided to each staff; there are School doctors and nurses and doctors available 24 hours at the campus
Working Hours:
- All teachers are required to teach up to a maximum of 20 instructional hours per week
- Overtime pay will be given if the teacher goes beyond the 20 required hours
- Although classes are from Monday to Friday, on special occasions, teachers are required to be on-call on Saturdays, i.e. Charity, Community, School Events...etc.
Pay Holidays: Chinese national holidays are fully paid, there are approximately 35 fully-paid holidays within a school year
Working Visas: The school will apply and pay for the China working visa for all staff members

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ESL Job Feed is the most eclectic and broad source of ESL jobs and teaching positions available. ESL Job Feed publishes links to ESL job postings from a variety of sources including TESall, Total ESL, Monster, Guardian Jobs,, Workopolis, Yahoo! hotjobs, Chronicle of Higher Education, craigslist, and many more. From conversation schools for beginners to university positions for teacher veterans. ESL Job Feed is your source for English teaching positions worldwide.

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