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Upcoming ESL jobs for February, 2013

Date 2012-11-09 20:11:06 Location : Asia:Korea

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Gwang ju ESL SCHOOL opened in 1995 and has fast become the most progressive language training provider in the south east of Korea. As a beautiful major city in Korea , Gwang ju is the perfect place to experience both teaching and living in the cultural melting pot of China’s far east. We are looking for enthusiastic and caring language instructors to join our dynamic team of creatively minded individuals.

Due to our current success, we have recently increased positions, which have become available throughout 2013. If you have prior qualifications in the ESL field and are interested in spending at least a year in this remote and colorful city then this is the place for you.


As a leading language centre, our courses range from 5~14 years old, young learner young learners through to curriculums specifically designed to meet the needs of a rapidly developing nation.

English Classes for Young Learners are incredibly popular throughout Asia as parents strive to prepare their children for the modern world. We offer Early Learner courses for pre-school beginners of English, High Flyer courses for students aged from 7 to 10 and Trailblazer courses for students aged between 11 and 14.


To assist our teachers in the creating interesting and stimulating lessons we provide a comprehensive range of flashcards and supplementary materials. Teachers are encouraged to access and adapt these resources to provide informative, authentic, imaginative and fun classes.

Professional Development

Emphasis is placed on professional development and academic workshops are run on a regular basis to provide teachers with the opportunity to share their ideas and gain useful information that they can adapt and use in their classes.

Teachers are observed on a regular basis and constructive feedback is provided to assist them in their personal development.

Our recruiting company, ETEC offers excellent opportunities for teachers wishing to make a career in English language teaching. We have a network of over two hundred language centers all over the Korea and offers its teachers the opportunity for promotion and transfer in the world's leading private educational organization