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Experienced Editor Required for ESL Level APA Paper Conversion Into Publishing Level APA Paper

Date 2012-11-10 04:11:39 Location : Other

Terms of Bidding:
By bidding for this project, you implicitly agree to the condition of confidentiality regarding the contents of the research paper.
The condition of confidentiality involves not spreading the information contained within to third-parties, altering the information within for personal benefit, plagiarizing, and other similar or associated malpractices.

As the title of this project implies, a research paper will be assigned to you for editing and conversion into a publishable format.
All project entail editing the spelling, grammar, citations, figure captions, table captions, and formatting, but never the "Reference" section.
All papers require United States English spellings and conversion to the assigned appropriate writing style (e.g., IEEE and AMA).
Redundant words should be converted into concise forms (e.g., "combined together" into "combined", "the present study" into "this study").

Experience in editing ESL writing is required and always preferred, but experienced professional editors will be considered.
The contacts of editors that return papers to expectations will be recorded and rewarded through prioritization for future projects.

Providing samples is recommended. As editors realize, a certain level of professionalism is expected and haphazardly edited papers will receive appropriate feedback and possibly a complaint to the management. If you do not agree to to these conditions, please do not bid.

The current project is an APA (American Psychological Association) paper of 7567 words and the due date is November 10, 2012.

Once again, this is an editing project for the conversion of an ESL level APA Paper into a Publishing level APA Paper; thus, following the APA style guidelines is expected and required.

This is a straightforward project but should there be any questions, please do not hesitate to make contact.

A maximum of 39 USD will be rewarded for this project. Numerous future projects are available for proficient editors that perform to expectations.