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English Teacher

Date 2012-11-15 02:11:09 Location : Oceania

English Teacher

Full Time Temporary Maternity Leave Position for 2013

Appropriate qualifications are essential and recent experience to HSC level is highly desirable.

Applicants must be supportive of the Catholic ethos of the College



Mount St Benedict teachers are professional educators whose work is guided by values of the Good Samaritan, enunciated in the College’s Mission and Vision Statement.

Each Teacher is a member of a Department, which is inspired at all times by Good Samaritan Charism and Benedictine spirituality.

Each teacher is responsible to the Principal, through the people with delegated responsibilities.

3.1 Pedagogy:
3.1.1 Supports and espouses the values of the Catholic Church in the teaching and learning environment of the College.
3.1.2 Provides opportunities for student-centred learning, which stimulates understanding, creativity initiative and independence.
3.1.3 Recognises that all students have gifts and talents and should be encouraged to pursue their personal best.
3.1.4 Develops opportunities for students to develop skills in critical thinking and the desire for self-reflection.
3.1.5 Is conversant with the relevant teaching discipline and syllabus in its updated version.
3.1.6 Understands relevant Board of Studies requirements in regard to course specifications, assessment tasks and criteria and accurate record keeping.
3.1.7 In consultation with the Head of Department, plans a consistent, coherent and relevant learning program, which fosters a purposeful progression in learning, endeavours, and aims meets the specific needs of all students.
3.1.8 Uses a variety of teaching strategies, recognising that students learn in a variety of ways.
3.1.9 Identifies the learners’ needs, conferring with specialist staff in the school, and liaising with parents if necessary.
3.1.10 Maintains effective communication with the Teaching and Learning Resource Team regarding specific learning needs of individual students.
3.1.11 Develops effective pedagogy that is purposeful challenging and connected to students’ experience, stage of development and background.
3.1.12 Negotiates with students, giving them the opportunity to make choices and decisions and to set their own goals so that students can take responsibility for their own learning.

3.2 Classroom/Learning Environment:
3.2.1 Shares explicitly with students a code of conduct which enables students to work productively in a fair environment.
3.2.2 Ensures good classroom management skills are developed and maintained.
3.2.3 Ensures that learning and teaching take place in a context of high expectation.
3.2.4 Is prepared to embrace the use of Information and communication Technology and its application in classroom learning.
3.2.5 Enables students to make good use of the resources available within the school and the community.
3.2.6 Ensures that students are provided with appropriate, accurate and relevant subject information.
3.2.7 Maintains a clean, tidy and safe classroom, which supports student learning.
3.2.8 Is aware of emergency procedures for students’ safety, and specific safety procedures related to the subject or activities taught.
3.2.9 Ensures class rolls and attendance are strictly monitored.
3.2.10 Proactively communicates with parents through the student planner, in written reports and in parent/teacher interviews.

3.3 Assessment and Reporting:
3.3.1 Complies with all Board of Studies requirements in regard to course specifications, assessment tasks and criteria and accurate record keeping.
3.3.2 Develops appropriate assessment procedures and modes of reporting in consultation with Head of Department and department members.
3.3.3 Keeps accurate records of student progress and provides appropriate information as required.
3.3.4 Ensures that reports are accurate, appropriate and meet College deadlines.
3.3.5 Reflects students’ learning in reports, recognising strengths and areas of development and suggesting possible courses of action.
3.3.6 Uses a range of assessment and evaluation techniques regularly and fairly.
3.3.7 Explains criteria for assessment to students in advance, so they can understand the relevance of the grade and comments, and use the information constructively in future work.
3.3.8 Provides frequent and prompt feedback to students so that they can gain insights into their learning and are able to map their progress.

3.4 Curriculum:
3.4.1 Develops and implements teaching programs in harmony with the values and the educational purposes of the College and department, and in co-operation with fellow teachers and Heads of Department.
3.4.2 Contributes to the Department decisions on course offerings.
3.4.3 In conjunction with Heads of Department participates in department reviews where appropriate.
3.4.4 Ensures that excursions, field trips and the use of guest speakers where appropriate are implemented in accordance with the relevant College policy and procedure.
3.4.5 Is prepared to work in a collaborative environment, sharing and developing teaching resources with a department team.
3.4.6 Ensures programs and registers are completed on a regular basis and that they reflect the syllabus outcomes of the course.

3.5 Pastoral Care:
3.5.1 Communicates with students, fellow staff and parents in a spirit of care and respect.
3.5.2 Establishes trust, rapport with students to develop a supportive environment in the classroom where students have ownership of the learning process.
3.5.3 Provides Christian example and model by word and action for all students.
3.5.4 Maintains professional confidentiality on information about students.
3.5.5 Proactively seeks advice from, works co-operatively with and/or refers students to, specialist staff where appropriate.
3.5.6 Fulfills mandatory responsibility to notify to Principal children who are at risk of harm.
3.5.7 Fosters a sense of inclusion, recognition and acceptance of difference thereby building community.
3.5.8 Notifies the Principal of any possible allegations of ‘reportable conduct’.

3.6 Professional Development:
3.6.1 Participates generously in the Benedictine formation provided by the College for staff in various stages of their service.
3.6.2 Keeps abreast of current developments in educational thinking, curricula and teaching practice.
3.6.3 Attends relevant Inservice opportunities and reports to his/her Head of Department.
3.6.4 Contributes to the professional development of other staff members within the College by sharing knowledge, ideas and resources, and working as a member of a team.

3.7 Related Duties:
3.7.1 Carries out the administrative requirements associated with classroom teaching and homeroom when required.
3.7.2 Can be relied on to carry out supervisory duties as required, including active grounds duty and active exam supervision.
3.7.3 Attends and participates, wherever possible, in all Department and other appropriate staff meetings.
3.7.4 Attends all lessons (unless prior arrangements have been made) and is punctual.
3.7.5 Dresses appropriately for a professional educator.
3.7.6 In dealing with students, demonstrates at all times a support of school rules.
3.7.7 Attends parent/teacher interviews.
3.7.8 Attends College speech days, liturgies and other celebrations.
3.7.9 Attends and participates in Assemblies.
3.7.10 Is prepared to attend and participate in school camps and retreats, if required.
3.7.11 Takes an active involvement in the general life of the College.
3.7.12 Carries out other duties as directed by the Principal.

3.8 OH & S:
Ensure appropriate practice and compliance with legislative and College requirements.


The Mount St Benedict Teacher is appointed for a period of three years renewable on the completion of a successful Performance Review.

The Mount St Benedict Teacher will undergo a Performance Review in accordance with College policy. In addition they will in collaboration with the Head of Department, set individual and Department goals on a yearly basis.

Intending applicants may download the application for "Membership of Staff" from or ring Kathryn Sheehan on 9980 0405

Applications close Wednesday 31st October 2012

Child Protection legislation requires the preferred Applicant to be subject to employment screening.

To be eligible to apply for this position you must have an appropriate Australian or New Zealand work visa.