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English language teachers

Date 2012-12-08 04:12:11 Location : Asia:China

Unlike other English language training schools throughout China, we do not use Chinese teachers. Rather, you will be the primary teacher for the students, using immersion and creative teaching strategies to help students develop confidence and fluency as rapidly as possible. Starting from a young age, students exposed solely to a foreign teacher will learn more, and more accurately, than those learning in a primarily Chinese language environment.

Job details

Contract time: 1 and 2 year contracts are available

Courses: English for young learners (age 3-5), primary school English (age 6-9), intermediate school English (age 10-12) and middle/high school advanced English

Workload: Up to 20 classroom hours per week + 5 hours of paid office hours and prep time, any teaching hours over 20 receive overtime pay

Current Vacancies: Two


Successful applicants must be native speakers of English and have at least a Bachelor’s Degree (BA or BS) in any field, as well as either CELTA, TEFL or TESOL certification or at least one year teaching experience. Applicants from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are strongly encouraged to apply!


6000-7500 RMB/month base salary (depending on length of contract)

80 RMB/hour for teaching overtime

Free furnished private apartment

Monthly transportation subsidy

Up to 4 hours free Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese lessons per week

10000 RMB travel bonus (upon completion of 1 year contract) or 10000 RMB contract renewal bonus

Our Courses

As the only foreign-teacher only English language school in Zhanjiang, we offer English training for students of all ages. The curriculum changes with different age groups to ensure the material is both age appropriate and engaging. We offer classes for students of all ages with young learners predominating.


All teachers are provided with basic teaching materials to help them develop creative and engaging lesson plans. Flash cards, stuffed animals, and learning toys are available. We will also provide other materials as specifically requested by the teacher. Teachers are given the freedom to go beyond the basic lesson plans and are encouraged to share their ideas and insights with management.

Professional Development

English teaching is a skill, one which needs to be honed over time. At Real English Academy, we strive to build professional skills and confidence in our teaching staff. Through regular meetings with management and ongoing training opportunities, our teachers gain new ideas to integrate into their lessons and improve their classroom and time management skills. For teachers interested in longer term professional development, both senior teacher and management track options are available.

Location: Zhanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone

Address: City Holiday, Lvhua Rd, Zhanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong

Zhanjiang lies at the southernmost point of the Chinese mainland, located between tropical Hainan Island and the economic powerhouse of the Pearl River Delta. Zhanjiang is famous throughout China for its seafood – the freshest available, fruits, and year-round mild sub-tropical climate. In the late 19th century, Zhanjiang was the seat of a French colony, much like Britain’s Hong Kong – although much more laid back. While Guangzhou and Hong Kong are bustling, life in Zhanjiang remains far more relaxed. Eating and drinking on verandas overlooking the bay is a way of life! Come and experience a new life in China at the Real English Academy! The city and beaches are waiting for you!