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Well Paid University Positions - modern teaching materials - Changchun NE China

Date 2012-12-29 03:12:50 Location : Asia:China

RMB 6,500 per month plus RMB 6,000 bonus,
Free accommodation on campus,
Medical insurance,
Starting 4th March 2013, First contract 4 months.
Open to extend for another year if both sides satisfied,
Relatively small classes, average 30 students in each.

If your passion is teaching, this is one of the very best opportunities in China. Instead of giant classes of bored students that you have for an hour per week each, imagine what you can achieve with two classes of freshmen each for twelve lessons per week. Also imagine having modern western course materials, teachers’ books with prepared lesson plans and being part of a supportive expat team. The director of studies is an English guy named Simon who has been with the program for eight years. He is youngish, competent, honest, helpful, fair and one of nature’s gentlemen.

You can be quietly confident that your actual teaching experience will be rewarding professionally. Most teachers say the hardest thing is to say good bye to the students when they move on. You will be one of the first foreign teachers they ever experience; perhaps one of first foreign people they ever talk with. You can set the tone to have a great teaching-learning experience and build relationships with your batch of bright young, naive kids transitioning from adolescence to young adulthood. They will be surprisingly open and predisposed to be friendly with you.

One of our teachers has to leave unexpectedly at the end of this semester. So we are looking for a replacement teacher for the second semester starting March 4th, 2013. The initial contract will be from March 4 to July 5 with the opportunity to extend it for another year. Most of our ESL teachers stay with us for more than one year. The free on campus accommodation will be available from Feb 2nd.

This is the workload:
Two classes of freshman students for 12 lessons per week each, i.e prepare each class once and deliver it twice.
Classes are 45 minutes each but at CNU you deliver two classes in a row. So you teach for 90 minutes each time and it counts as two classes.

Gross monthly pay RMB 6,500 less RMB 125 tax – 1.92% tax; accommodation, insurance, utilities are provided free.

In July we will pay you a completion bonus of RMB 6,000. Providing all is OK. We have paid everybody the full bonus so far, except the couple over the years who left early. Most teachers sign on for more than one contract. We have only one position for a new teacher in the team starting in March next year.

18 contact teaching hours per week, (24 x 45 minute lessons; effectively 12 x 90 minute lessons)
Two groups, so every lesson is prepared once, delivered twice.
stable schedule to end of semester
no weekend work,
paid public holidays,
university level students,
medical insurance,
3 hrs of “Beginners Chinese” lessons available per week free,
a contract that protects your interests too!
Permission to take on non conflicting external private teaching work.
Contract from 4th March 2013 until the 5th July 2013 teaching freshman students.

You must be an Australian, American, British, Canadian, New Zealand or South African passport holder with a native speaker's accent. Your gender, religion and sexual orientation are irrelevant but unfortunately the students’ parents demand European looking teachers.

Here is a unique opportunity to be paid better than most private school teachers while enjoying the stability and free time of university life.

Private school English teachers in China are usually paid more but have to endure more gruelling conditions than those working for a university. Typically they have to work most nights and weekends, accept frequent schedule changes, respond to ill-informed criticism from parents and students, forego paid holidays and often struggle with managers to be paid according to their contract terms - or to be paid at all.

The trade off is usually a higher monthly pay scale – on paper at least.

We are offering an opportunity to have the security, conditions and stability of a university teaching post with a pay scale better than most private schools. No teaching on weekends, schedules set for the full semester, opportunities for private teaching and you don’t have to teach large classes or young kids. You will be responsible for two classes with a guaranteed maximum of 30 in each, probably a bit less.

Your director of the program has had eight and a half years of mutually satisfying professional relationships with westerners. With his assistance you can easily avoid most of the usual frustrations that come with trying to communicate across the language and culture gap between foreign teachers and typical Chinese university management staff. The teaching manager is a youngish British guy who was one of the original teachers when the program started. He is approachable, friendly, fair and very helpful/

Changchun Teachers College is now officially known as Changchun Normal University (CNU). It is in the ninth year of its program in which students do the first two years of their degree in China then complete it in Australia. The students will receive intensive English training to properly prepare them to study and participate in campus life at an Aussie university where the official language is English.

Changchun is the capital of Jilin province in the North East of China so most Western conveniences are available. Also the ordinary local Changchun people speak Mandarin with a very correct accent. If you want to learn Mandarin Chinese for use worldwide later in your career, there is no better city than Changchun to naturally acquire a “correct, cultured” accent.

We are seeking suitably motivated and qualified native English speakers to teach the English language component of the course.

Should you be a successful applicant, you will give 24 lessons, each of 45 minutes per week. This gives a total student contact time of 18 hours a week.

You will have considerable freedom to choose your own teaching style. However we provide modern text books and teachers’ books. You won’t have to prepare lessons from scratch. There is a weekly teachers meeting to help you stay on track and to provide academic support. Class sizes will be kept small (guaranteed maximum of 30) to allow for lots of personal interaction. You will be more than the students’ teacher, you will be their mentor and also their guide to western thinking, modern youth culture and western academic expectations.

Pay is RMB 6,500. It is direct deposited into your bank account on the 15th day of the month. Income tax of RMB 125 /mth is deducted, so you receive RMB 6,375 into your bank account. You don’t have to wait a couple of weeks after the pay period to receive your money. In effect you receive your monthly pay two weeks in advance. The administration trusts the teachers! If required, RMB 2,000 of the first month’s salary can be paid in advance on arrival in Changchun to help you during the early days of a new life in a new place. Just ask if you need cash before the 15th of your first month teaching.

There is a completion bonus of RMB 6,000. The total package is RMB 32,000.

You’ll also be provided with pleasant free unshared accommodation on campus a five minute stroll from your classrooms. The accommodation has been recently refurbished but unfortunately you can expect occasional problems. You will have your own basic cooking facilities and a good sized refrigerator. Meals are not provided free, but campus restaurants are inexpensive and you can always cook for yourself in your suite if you wish. The accommodation is very good by Chinese standards, clean and functional; but some of the detailing is probably a bit below what you are used to in the West. Heating is provided free in winter and the apartments are very warm, short sleeves are normal inside. Plus ADSL internet, water, gas and electricity. Regarding the internet - teachers with PCs have stable fast connections; but we had a teacher who could not get top speeds from his Mac because of a software conflict with the campus internet system. It worked, but was much slower than for the other teachers who had PCs.

We are looking for people who want to rise to the challenge of being as good a teacher as they can. The students depend on you to do your best. Repeating: You must be a native speaker with an Australasian, British or North American accent. You must have a bachelor degree, and it is a big advantage to have an EFL/ESL/TESOL qualification or second language teaching experience.

We will provide documentation for you to get a valid working visa.