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Public school teachers (K-12, All grades) from North America

Date 2013-01-06 21:01:21 Location : Asia:China

* Location: Hangzhou, China

* Salary: 200RMB/Class; 4 Classes/Day; 5 Days/week; 200RMB * 4 (classes) * 5 (days) * 4 = 16,000RMB/month = (around $2,400USD/month = around $28,800USD/yr)

* Starting Date: After Feb, 2013

* Level of Students: K-12

* Work Schedule: 5 classes (45 mins each) / day, 5 days / week.

* Benefits: Official Work Visa; Health Insurance; 1 Bed Room apartment (2mins walking distance from Campus); On campus meal plan; Free Child Care / K-12 Education for all direct family members; One way econ plane ticket (Round trip for 1 year contract);

* Teaching Material: Selected candidates will not only just be teaching ESL classes, but also be teaching US Bound Classes with US Textbooks.

* Candidate Requirements: We are looking for public school teachers (K-12, All grades) from North America. You need to be a State Certified Teacher by any one of the 50 states, its territories or the District of Columbia. Canadian Applicants need to be from: ON, BC and AB only. Please send your Teacher ID Number and the State so we can verified your status online. (Retired / Expired Teachers are still encouraged to apply)

* Additional: We know that some states (like California) have K-6 Certification (Multiple Subject - Elementary School Settings) and 6 - 12 Certification (Single Subject - Middle/High School Settings). It DOES NOT matter, as long as you have either one.

*** Sorry, we are not interested in ESL Certification Teachers. ***