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Shanghai JinCai High School

Date 2013-01-07 02:01:02 Location : Asia:China

Shanghai JinCai High School was founded in 1996, which has two distinct divisions: the Senior High School Division and the International Division (SJHSID). In recent years, our school has received a great deal of recognition as one of the first Shanghai Experimental and Model High Schools. We are also a member of the International Baccalaureate Organization(IBO) and the School Base for Chinese International Promotion by Hanban (The Office of Chinese Language Council International).Setting up two departments: the English department and the Chinese department, SJHSID has formed an international curricular mode featuring diverse choices, autonomous learning, and open teaching tailor-made for small-size classes and individual-based evaluation. The school enjoys an elite teaching staff, among whom are more than 20 foreign teachers. SJHSID has academic programs and IB programs in grade 1-12, ranging from primary school to senior high school. We enroll students from over 30 different nations and regions, including the United States, Canada, Germany, France, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Russia. SJHSID has exclusive offices and teaching buildings equipped with modern teaching and learning facilities, as well as dormitory buildings furnished with firstrate living conditions. In recent years, all the graduates from the International Division have been admitted to top universities at home and abroad, including Chinaís famous universities such as Peking University, Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. We also send graduating seniors to elite American universities such as Columbia University, New York University, Pennsylvanian University and Washington College.

Contract Details: CONTRACT

Party A Shanghai Jincai High School
Party B

Work schedule and time frames for Party B.

Teaching Science, and assisting homeroom teacherís work in high and middle school section of the schoolís International Division from September 1st , 2012 to August 31st , 2013

2. Working will be 5 days a week from Monday to Friday, and consists of 23 periods including elective courses (40 minutes per period) a week. Party B is required to open one or more elective courses. Extra class periods are not mandatory for Party B, but Party B can agree to teach them if convenient.

3. Observing Party Aís calendar; working hours: 8 am to 4:30 pm, including lunch time.

Following instructions of the Teacherís Manual provided by Party A and work diligently. Finishing school work punctually according to the schedule, such as: Opening Ceremony, Graduation Ceremony, teaching plans, test papers and studentsí records, etc.

5. Attending required school meetings and seminars, such as: teachersí meetings, parentsí meetings and meetings related to students, etc. Participating in school required activities, such as: Christmas Party and sports meets, etc.

Payment and welfare for Party B
1. All incomes related in this contract are before tax, excluding international air ticket reimbursement.

RMB 8ÔľĆ000 a month during the time when Party B works at the school shall be paid on the 26th of each month. Extra class period is RMB125 per period. The salary shall be deposited to Party Bís bank account.

3. (1) Party A offers accommodations for Party B during the tenure of Party Bís employment.
(2) If Party B rents or has an apartment off campus, and provides Party A with a related certificate, Party A shall provide Party B with a stipend of RMB3,200, paid on the 26th of each month, instead of the accommodations.
(3) Party A provides Party B with free breakfast and lunch during the workdays.

4. Party A shall reimburse Party B for an economy class round-trip air ticket from Shanghai, China, to Canada on condition that Party B works at the school for one school year. The maximum of this stipend is RMB10,000 according to the air ticket. Party A needs a copy of the ticket. The reimbursement shall be made in the middle of June.

5. Party A shall pay the monthly salary during winter vacation. If this contract is renewed for the new school year, Party A shall pay Party B one month salary for the two-month summer vacation.

6. Party B shall inform Party A if Party B will not be able to work on any given day, regardless of the reason. When Party B applies for sick leaves, a certificate issued by the school clinic shall be provided by Party B. Any absence shall be subject to the prior written approval from the school. During the term of this contract, the accumulative absence shall not exceed 5 days. In the event of any breach of this clause, Party A shall be entitled to terminate this Contract.

(1) If Party B has no absence for the whole semester, RMB 1,875 (non-absence bonus) shall be paid to Party B at the end of the semester.

(2) Party B has 3 paid sick leaves (but one third of the non-absence bonus shall be deducted for one sick leave.).
(3) RMB on the basis of the actual payment for one-day or one-period leave shall be deducted from Party Bís salary for any period absence.
(4) RMB shall be deducted from Party Bís salary and the fourth and above sick leave.

8. Party A shall provide Party B with free medical care and free medicine at the school clinic.

9. Party A shall buy Comprehensive Employee Benefit Insurance (plan 3) from AIA Group for Party B. (The expenses will be covered by the insurance company only when Party B is treated by the public hospitals above Grade II.)

10. The salary or payment will be paid till June 30th 2013. To leave Party B adequate time to, the working contract and working visa will be extended to August 31st 2013.

11. If Party A and Party B cannot cooperate smoothly during the first month of Party Bís employment, or Party B is not suitable for teaching, Party A is entitled to terminate this Contract without any penalty or compensation.

12. One month notice shall be given to Party B before the renewal or termination of the contract.

Breach of Contract
If either Party ends the contract early without a valid, objective reason, stated in
writing, in English, either party shall bear a penalty of RMB10000.

_________________________________ ____________________≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠________
Signature of Party A Signature of Party B