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Teaching Kids around Beautiful Dalian. Good Pay, Conditions and Teaching Materials

Date 2013-01-07 02:01:18 Location : Asia:China

Salary 7,500 RMB per month,
Total attendance 25 hours per week at school,
Nice private apartment (unshared),
Bonus of 6,000 RMB on completion of contract,
Medical insurance,
South Liaoning province, beside the sea
Start 4th March,
One year contract,
Students ages 3 to 16 yrs,
Chinese teaching assistant,
Class size 4 to 20,
Excellent modern facilities.
Residency status – completely legal, we organize work visa,
Must be a native speaker preferably from the USA or Canada.
UK, Australia or NZ can also apply.
Aged 25 to 40.

Here’s an opportunity to live and work near Dalian in Zhuanghe or Yingkou – perhaps two of China’s most beautiful cities – and spend your time with beautiful eager young students.

It’s not for everybody. To teach young kids well, you need to be able to find the child within yourself and be prepared to have fun with them on their own level. Your kindness and love of children has to shine through. But the emotional rewards are enormous.

Instead of dealing with students who would rather be doing something else - anywhere else, you are working with students who find the very fact that you are a foreigner exciting and fun. The students are eager to please you and they are at the age where you can get enormous satisfaction from watching their quick improvement.

You will be working for Dalian New Excellence Education Center in one of its associated schools located near Dalian. Both the schools are members of the Top English group. The facilities are very bright, colourful, cheerful, clean and modern. I am happy to send you recent photos. They both use modern American produced teaching materials from Pearson Education and have lots of the latest teaching aides. You will be fully instructed and supported in their implementation.

The students attend the school in their spare time so the busiest days are the weekends and the two days per week off are on weekdays. This is standard for private schools so many other teachers in town will have similar leisure times to you. This is a fully professional position. You are expected to work at the school for 25 hours per week and teach, do some demonstration lessons and some promotional activities in that time. If overtime is required you will be paid an extra RMB 100 per hour.

The contract is initially for one year with a 30 day probation period. We’d like you to start in March and preference will be given to a candidate who can start soon. You will possibly already be teaching in China with a current work visa and a decent relationship with your present employer.

The schools are located close to the city center with very good transport connections and are close to major supermarkets that stock a reasonable range of imported western foods.

You will be the only full-time foreign teacher in each school and will have the respect from management that a key staff member commands. But there are several other language schools with foreign teachers in the immediate vicinity. So you’ll have plenty of opportunities to socialize with other foreign teachers

We are seeking suitably motivated and qualified native English speakers principally from the USA or Canada, aged 25 to 40 to give the kids some opportunities to communicate with a native speaker. People from the UK, Australia or NZ can also apply.

Class sizes will be kept small (usually from 12 to 16 students) to allow for personal interaction. This allows you to be much more effective and satisfied than trying to teach conversation to classes of 40 to 65 which are common in China.

We are looking for a person who want to rise to the challenge of being as good a teacher as they can. You must be a native speaker with a neutral accent. You must have a bachelor degree (preferably in a language field) or equivalent and an EFL/ESL/TESOL qualification or second language teaching experience. It is very helpful if you have a couple of years teaching experience.

We can provide documentation for you to get a valid working visa. Ideally you will be living in China with a current working visa and be able to get a work release letter from your current employer.

Dalian and surrounds is an outstandingly beautiful area with relatively very little pollution. Both Yingkou and Zhuanghe are smaller cities by Chinese standards so the cost of living is much lower than major cities like Beijing, Shanghai or in the rapidly developing Guandong province.

Here are some links to info about Yingkou. The world beach volleyball championships were held there a few years ago. The beaches are stunning.
This is the school website. But it has no English.

Here are some links to info about Zhuanghe. It is also right by the sea but has beautiful mountains with lakes and orchards nearby as well.
This is the school website. But it also has no English.

Send me an email with your present contact details and CV, and tell me about yourself and why you think you might like and be suitable for the position and we’ll take it from there. Please also attach a scan of the photo page of your passport (you can blank out the passport number at this stage if you wish) and copies of your qualification certificate(s). If you can, please attach a jpeg photo (less than 250kb please) of yourself, so I know who I’m talking to, and phone number(s) with good times to call. Also please let me know if you have a Skype account.

I’ll reply promptly to all qualified candidates and will need to phone or Skype short-listed candidates as the next step.

I’ll get back to you promptly.

Best wishes,

John Haigh.