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Materials Science and Engineering Teachers Wanted

Date 2013-01-21 03:01:10 Location : Asia:China

Xiamen University of Technology is a dynamic state-owned university located in the south of the Fujian Province, China. Under its current administration and in less than a decade it has grown from a technical college into one of the most sought after higher education establishments in China.

In view of our rapid growth, we are seeking to strengthen our faculty with an array of foreign talent. If you're contemplating an overseas experience while putting your expertise to good use and would like to see firsthand what makes China the talk of the world, we just might have the answer for you.

The School of Materials Science and Engineering has vacancies for individuals who would like to teach one or more of the following courses:

Course 1: Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering

Course outline: 1.Understand the general knowledge of materials science and engineering and its role in the economic and social development;

2. know the laws and characteristics of engineering materials and the interrelations between their chemical composition, organizational structure, processing technology, performance and effects;

3. know the basic classification of materials and the properties and uses of common engineering materials.

Knowledge and skills required: Master's Degree and above qualification; associate professor or above with experience in teaching the same or similar courses; capability in teaching the course in English and manufacturing or R & D experience in the field of materials science and engineering.

Course 2: Electronic Component Structure Design

Course outline: The design, selection, basic structure and process of the traditional, the common and the advanced electronic components, trends of their development and requirements for their design.

Knowledge and skills required: Associate professor (with Master¡¯s degree) or a PhD candidate, with experience in fields related to circuit/electronic design or development.

Course 3: Wiring Board Design

Course outline: The basics of design, requirements, methods and cases of PCB pads, vias, stacked printed circuit board-traces and grounding, decoupling circuits, power circuits, clock circuits, analog circuits, high-speed digital circuits, and RF circuits, as well as PCB thermal design, manufacturability and testability design and ESD protection design.

Knowledge and skills required: Associate professor (with Master's degree) or a PhD, with experience in fields related to circuit/electronic design or development.

Course 4: Material Forming Principles

Course outline: The physical phenomena and fundamental laws of material solidifies forming, welding molding, plastic molding as well as the basic principles and theories of a variety of molding technology; focused on fundamentals in the formation process of welding parts, castings, plastic forming parts, and on the formation of metal plastic deformation displacement field, the yield criterion application, and the slip line theory.

Knowledge and skills required: Major in materials science and engineering or material processing engineering.