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Wonderful ESL job in Zhangjiagang

Date 2013-01-29 05:01:36 Location : Asia:China

Zhangjiagang City is the "National Sanitary City",National "Environmental Protection Model City."
Zhangjiagang territory, "a Court Sanshan" (dual-Hill, Xiangshan, Phoenix Hill, Dongdu Court) and other major scenic areas or scenic spots there, Grand Century Place,JiYang Lake Park, Zhangjiagang Park, Sha Chau parks playgrounds, two-Island Tourist Resort Jiang the country's first built-island golf course water.Zhangjiagang city have Su Tong and plum, Xu Yu Xiangshan three rich history and culture, such as the legendary story.Local Specialties Zhangjiagang there and as the "Yangtze River three flavor" of shad, saury, globefish; began Qing Xianfeng Phoenix Gaozhuang years tofu; have been classified as a tribute, well-known across the Luyuan chicken and peaches Phoenix, deer peak liquid tea, get in celery, bread oven, such as trailers.

Job Descriptions:

Gender unlimited
Be responsible, interactive and creative in designing classes
From Commonwealth Nations

Contract Duration:





5 Days/Week
Daytime or Evening

6/10-6/25, about 15days vacation+ winter vacation(Spring Festival)

Working Hours:

20 hours or 25hours/Week


20 hours/week :8000Yuan/Month (100Yuan per extra hour)
25 hours/week:10000Yuan/Month (100Yuan per extra hour)

Airfare :
Pay for the return ticket ( after finishing at least one-year contact )


Comfortable, free accommodation available with all basic life necessities within your reach
If you are interested in more details about this job do not hesitate to contact us and send your resume, a recent photo and relevant certificates as soon as possible. We will provide you with further details and arrange for your interview upon receipt of your email. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.