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Teach in the Tremendous City of Daqing, China!

Date 2013-01-29 05:01:11 Location : Asia:China

Hello from the tremendous city of Daqing China. My name is Simon from the U.K, I have been working for Joy School in Daqing for over 4 years. I am very happy with my decision to come to Daqing to work for Joy School. It truly is a great city to work and live in, and Joy is a good company to work for. The people are extremely helpful, friendly, and kind. I like Daqing and know you will too. I hope that you will join us. We are currently looking for native English speakers from England, Canada, America, Australia, Ireland and South Africa. We need 7 teachers in May and June next year.

Daqing is the oil capital of China; it is located in the northeast in Heilongjiang province and is very close to the provincial capital city of Harbin. The air is good and the traffic is smooth, not as crowded as other big cities! The climate in Daqing is quite nice, hot in summer and cold in winter. Daqing is well equipped for the winter and everywhere has hot heating systems, the only time you will need to wear your coat and sweater is when you are outside walking, skiing or ice skating etc.
Joy Children's Language School has it's headquarters in Taiwan.

Joy school has their own curriculum, text books, game files and tools like hammers, balloons, flash cards, dice, etc. The class size is small (between 15 and 20 children). Your classes will be assisted by a Chinese co-teacher (who speaks English very well). Teaching times are as follows: Tuesday to Friday between 5.30pm - 7.20pm Saturday and Sunday between 8.00am - 6.50pm. Monday will be your day off.
Joy has its special concept for children's English teaching. The children are from kindergartens and primary schools in the local area and we teach them English using methods such as games, songs, and stories. The programs are very well created.
Joy needs teachers who are hard-working, punctual, easy going and energetic. Obviously experience and a degree are preferable, but not essential as Joy has an excellent TEACHER TRAINING COURSE; English teaching guides are also available. In the early stages your Chinese co-teachers will observe your classes and give necessary guidance if needed, and there is always a Chinese co-teacher to be your assistant in the class. To be honest it's actually flexibility and a positive attitude that count.
The salary is between 5500-6000RMB/ a month for 80 hours per month teaching(actually 55-65 hours inside Joy school), with 4 office hours a week (lesson planning) and 2 hours of class observing a month, extra teaching hrs over the set 80hrs will be paid at 100RMB/hour. We usually arrange some teachers to work at a public middle school(30% of our westerners are arranged to teach 8 classes a week), so you will get potential extra payment around 1200RMB/month from March to the end of June and from September to the end of December.
Joy will pay the employee 12000RMB as special bonus after one year contract.
Pay day is the 15th of the Month and I'm happy to say it is NEVER late.
On completion of a 12 Month contract Joy school will offer 9000RMB airfare reimbursement, and 2000RMB travel bonus.
Joy school has holidays on Labor Day 1 day, National Day around 7 days, Summer Vacation and Chinese New Year. All holidays are paid except summer holiday.
You will be entitled to free Chinese lessons (1 hour per week). Pls be kindly advised only people in Beijing and Heilongjiang can speak standard Mandarin.
On arrival you will get free accident insurance.
All apartments are fully furnished with a TV, DVD player, refrigerator, washer, air-conditioner, microwave, utensils, free fast broadband connection, a queen sized bed with fresh clean bedding. All utility bills are paid for by Joy school, but, of course Joy has a limit. Your apartment is not shared.
24 hours urgency support is provided should you require it.
So why choose Joy School Daqing?
The school is fantastic, the people are warm and friendly and the cost of living is very low, you can expect to spend on average 1,500-2000 RMB per month which leaves you plenty to save for back home or travelling. I can honestly say Joy School Daqing treats all teachers fairly and will go out of their way to help you.