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Teach English in Greece

Date 2013-02-09 21:02:38 Location : Europe

Teaching jobs in dozens of locations throughout the mainland and Greek islands. TEFL courses in Athens, Corinth and Santorini.
With twenty years' experience of the EFL profession in Greece, as teachers, school-owners and teacher-trainers, Anglo-Hellenic is uniquely placed to find you a TEFL job in Greece.
We provide a specialist service, recruiting exclusively for Greece. As teaching professionals operating in Greece since 1987, we have an unrivalled knowledge of the profession here, and are highly regarded as teacher trainers as well as recruitment agents.
As we recruit for schools all over Greece, with a single application you have access to dozens of vacancies in a wide choice of locations. Many of our TEFL job vacancies are in Athens, the capital of Greece. Other English teaching jobs are in smaller towns in rural Greece, in traditional Greek villages or on Greek islands like Santorini, one of our three locations for TEFL courses in Greece.
We ensure that all our teachers have a good working environment, and provide you with detailed information about the conditions of employment for each post that is on offer. Furthermore, we draw up the contracts between teacher and school-owner, so that we can be confident that all your legal entitlements are safeguarded. All teachers recruited by Anglo-Hellenic are given a contract by the agency, signed by both the agency and the employer.
We are always on hand throughout your time in Greece to provide advice and support, and as part of the Anglo-Hellenic network, you'll have plenty of opportunities for contact with other teachers in your region.
Working conditions vary from one situation to another, and so the following is only a guide to what is typical. The majority of the English Language schools in Greece are small and privately owned. The pupils attend the local state school in the morning, and so the English schools operate in the afternoon and evening.
Most schools employ only two or three teachers and have one or two hundred pupils. Attendance at such a school is the norm for children from all kinds of social backgrounds. They usually begin at the age of eight, and continue until they are at least fifteen.
Classes last for one or sometimes two hours, and for the older pupils there is a strong orientation towards exams such as the Cambridge FCE and CPE. Most classes have lessons for a total of three or four hours per week, so you will be teaching several different classes at all levels from beginners to proficiency.
Teaching hours are 4 - 9 pm Monday to Friday. In addition to the hours spent teaching, you will also have to spend the proportionate amount of time planning lessons and correcting written work, making up a total workload of around 40 hours per week.
You won't need to create your own materials, as each class will be working with a course book that provides all the activities and exercises for the lessons. The bulk of your preparation will consist of studying the materials in the course book and the accompanying teacher's guide, and planning how to do the lesson according to the needs of each group of students.
This is a fixed term contract, but can be renewed from September to June each year.
For applicants who don't yet have TEFL certification, we offer TEFL Courses in three great locations in Greece: Athens, Corinth, Santorini
• 4-week, 120-hour TEFL course
• 10 hours teaching practice
• TEFL International certificate
• Guaranteed job placement
TEFL International is the largest provider of internationally recognized TEFL courses worldwide. Hundreds of teachers have begun their career by taking our course in Greece since 2004.
The course includes fifty hours of face-to-face workshops on language awareness and teaching techniques, practical hands-on guidance in lesson planning, and ten hours of observed teaching practice with real students.
TEFL Greece is operated by Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Recruitment, the main source of TEFL jobs in Greece, so we are in a unique position to help you find a teaching job in Greece on completion of the course. Through our international network of schools and contacts, we can also help you find a TEFL job anywhere in the world.
Many of the positions that we have available are suitable for teachers beginning their career. The only essential qualifications are:

You must be a native speaker of English.
You must have a university degree. It does not matter what subject your degree is in, although preference may be given to candidates with degrees in languages or related subjects.
You must have a TEFL certificate. We guarantee job placements for anyone taking the TEFL certificate course with us in Greece.

We accept applications from EU citizens who are already TEFL qualified as long as their TEFL course meets three essential criteria:

At least 120 hours face-to-face tuition
At least six hours observed teaching practice
External moderation

Apart from TEFL International, that includes CELTA and Trinity.
We do not accept applications where the TEFL course is online, shorter than four weeks, or doesn't include teaching practice.
It is not necessary to have European Union citizenship to take our TEFL course and benefit from our job guarantee. Apart from graduates of the TEFL International TEFL course, we are not able to assist non-EU nationals in finding teaching work in Greece.