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Jiangsu Haimen Dongzhou Middle School

Date 2013-02-18 01:02:42 Location : Asia:China

Jiangsu Haimen Dongzhou Middle School

Introduction to Hai Men Dongzhou Middle School
Dongzhou Middle School is founded in 1987. It is situated in the development zone of Haimen City in Jiangsu Province,P.R.C. It is a school for Students aged from13 to 15 years old.
  Dongzhou Middle School has two parts: the Eastern Part and the Western Part. Two parts are in one campus. The Eastern Part is a full-time boarding school run by the local people with about 600 students enrolled. The Western Part is a day school with about 2500 students. There are about 200 teachers. There are nearly 25 English teachers and 5 foreign teachers all the year.
  The school is distinctive in that it gives special emphasis to the teaching of foreign language, computer skills, and fine arts. In addition, this school conducts teaching in small-sized classes(which is quite different from other schools in China) taking individual students needs into consideration and teaching different students with different methods.
  It is equipped with the most advanced facilities including the modern office building, classroom buildings, lab buildings, library building, science hall, gymnasium, studentsapartments as well as a 400-metre track and field playground. Various labs such as physics, chemistry, biology, language labs are established in line with the national standards. The spacious apartments are designed in suites for four students. They are equipped with air-conditioner, telephone and bathroom. The school is equipped with closed-circuit televisions, a computer servcie centre, and multi-media equipments. A professional doctor and nursing staff are available round the clock to ensure students health and safety. The cafeteria serves three nutritious meals and two snacks each day.
  The school is also equipped with a team of teachers of intermediate or high professional titles and excellent young teachers. Of all the teachers, 30% hold special grade or high professional title, and 55% bear intermediate professional title, and more than 60% have ever been praised at national, provincial or municipal level for their distinguished service. With their noble devotion, rich experience in teaching and advanced teaching methods, they come to be model workers in the field.
  It has a characteristic part, in which the experiment of teaching reform carried on, small-sized classes, bilingual education practised. There are five foreign teachers working here every year, the students can receive the external education, besides, the teachers and students can be sent to the famous university overseas to visit and to be trained there. It is an International Educational Exchange Center in Haimen city. It is also a teaching and activity base of Shanghai Foreign Language University.
  Mr. Zhang Binghua, the principal, the founder of Dongzhou Middle School, a deputy to the NPC, a Provincial Model Worker, a Provincial Advanced Individual of Educational Administration, a Provincial Expert of Psychological Health Education, a scholarThe school in his charge has got such titles as The Experimental School of Quality Education of Jiangsu Province, The National Model School of Psychological Health Education, The National Experimental Language School, The Provincial Experimental School in Reforming Moral Education and The National Experimental School in the Middle and Primary School Reforming. And the school has been a model school of Jiangsu Province for ten years.
  During the 20 years, Dongzhou Middle School has made itself well-known for various achievements. For example, the headmaster, Mr Zhang Binghua has been awarded many honorary designations, such as The National advanced individual of pushing on the quality education. In 2000 , he took part in the seminar of the UNSCEO, he was invited to give them a special subject speech to exchange the experience for running a school; In the teaching field, about 112 academic theses of the teachers have been won the first-class in Jiangsu Province; the teaching quality is also the best in the city; After a special trip to our school, CCTV and The Educational TV Station of Jiangsu Province made a special report--- Erect a Heart Bridge and Sow the Sun.
  The belief of Dongzhou Middle School is Every student can be developed for his abilities. All the staff are doing their best to construct the best educational environment and make Dongzhou Middle School an international top-grade school
  Fully credentialed, experienced teachers of English as a Foreign Language are invited to apply.

Teaching Schedule for Foreign Teachers
Foreign Teachers of English can expect to teach 18-20 forty-minute classes per week . Typically there may be one or two lesson preparations per week. For example, there may be six different groups of students with each group having one or two classes per week with the Foreign Teacher. The teaching hours probably will be scheduled over a period of five days giving a weekend break of two days.

School Calendar
The fall school term begins on September 1 and ends about a week before the Chinese New Year---The Spring Festival. The spring school term begins about two weeks after the Chinese New Year and ends on June 30. The winter holidays usually last three weeks and the summer holidays usually last two months. Some national holidays during the term: May the first(Labour Day), October the first (National Day), January the first(New Years Day),the Chinese New Year, and Christmas Day, ect.
Benefits for Foreign Teachers
(1)The foreign teachers salary is usually about 6000yuan(RMB).
(2)Travel allowance: 2200yuan(RMB).
(3)Health insurance allowance: 2000yuan(RMB).
(4)International Airfare:
Reimbursement of two ways international air fare(tourist class)for one-year contract.
Provide all necessary legal documents including work permit and the residence permit in China for the period of employment.
Housing for Foreign Teachers
Foreign teachers are provided with a spacious, air-conditioned/heated, furnished room with private bath, telephone, computer. If you wish, the staff will handle your laundry needs. There is a small kitchen adjacent to the foreign teachers rooms, but foreign teachers usually enjoy the convenience of eating their meals in the students cafeteria that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner . Meals , housing(including housing utility fees such as electricity, gas, water, internet and cable TV)are provided free of charge for foreign teachers.

Advantages (different from other schools in China) :
(1)Small-sized class(about 30 students a group).
(2)Five foreign teachers all the year for many years, the school knows how to treat foreign teachers well, so the atmosphere of teaching and living is wonderful. The school hold many activities of English every year.
(3)The foreign teachers only needs to prepare one or two teaching plan every week. It is easy to handle.
(4)The school can provide Chinese lessons for foreign teacher for free.
(5) Because the school is an International Educational Exchange Center in Haimen City,
it makes the school more convenient to do anything about foreign affairs.

Haimen City
A city map with key sites indicated is in the Foreign Affairs Office. Supermarkets and restaurants are close by. The post office, banks, and a department store are about 5 or 10 minutes away by bicycle. The post office is open from 7:30am-6:00pm seven days a week. Some banks are open for 24 hours but the usual hours are from 8am-6pm; The department store is open from 9am-9pm. There are three cinema theaters and some cafes and tea shops.

Transportation to and from Shanghai
The distance to Shanghai-Pudong International Airport is 135km and takes about three hours, at least one hour of which is for the ferry across the Yangtze River. The schools driver usually provides transport to and from Shanghai. However, it is possible to hire a taxi which costs about 200RMB, one way. It is also possible to use the Shanghai-Qidong Bus which stops in Haimen on Xiu Shan Road, departs hourly between 6:30am and 7:30pm, costs about 35RMB/$4.50, and takes about three hours. The telephone number for the Shanghai-Qidong Bus is 0513-335-5409 in Qidong and 021-5653-1408 in Shanghai.
There will be a bridge to Shanghai next year!
Because of the three-hour trip to and from the Shanghai airport, it is recommended that foreign guests try to arrange afternoon arrival and departure times. On the arrival day, the school usually welcomes the foreign guest at a special Chinese dinner, either in the afternoon or evening.
  Contract Terms
  Location: Hanmen City,Jiangsu Province
  Students: Middle School students (13-15 years old)
  Period/week: 18- academic hours
  Salary: RMB 6000 per month
  Airfare: Roundtrip
  Teacher or Expert: Teacher
  Apartment: Free,furnished and with all necessary equipments
  Other allowance: Free meals in school's dining-room,One-month paid holiday, RMB2500 travel bonus per academic year
  Vacancy: 5
  Gender: Male,Female
  Degree: TESOF/TEFL certificates or university degrees
  Work Experience: Over one year
  Nationality: American, British, Canadian, Australian or other native English speakers with bachelor's degrees or high school with TESOF/TEFL certificates