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Teach in Kuwait!

Date 2013-03-16 04:03:09 Location : Middle East

We have various roles for various schools in Kuwait:

Curriculum: The school follows the requirements of the National Curriculum of England and Wales modified to include Arabic, Islamic Studies and Social Studies. Teacher assessment and target setting are used extensively throughout the School. All textbooks and reading schemes are brought from the UK. Specialist teachers are employed to teach PE, ICT, SEN Arabic and Islamic Studies. Music is not included in the curriculum and boys and girls are taught in separate classes in Years 7 to 11.

Standards: English is the primary mode of instruction in all classes other than Arabic and Islamic Studies. Most students have English as a second language – Arabic being the predominant first language for most students.
Class sizes: Maximum 32 students per class. In the upper school typical class size is around 25 students who are pleasant, well mannered, motivated and well supported by their Parents in their learning.

Staffing: The school has in total 105 teaching staff – most hold degrees and possess recognized teaching certificates. Staff are extremely hard-working, dedicated to the school and students. All staff are expected to contribute to after school extra-curricular activities, clubs and academic support classes.

Buildings: These are purpose designed with 2 new Science Labs, a new Learning Centre and an on-site clinic with a fully qualified nurse. Foundation children have their own building and specialised play area.

Salary: The school has its own salary scale with salary offers made by the Personnel department based on years of experience and qualifications. Salaries are paid monthly gross- there is no deduction of income tax, health insurance , and all accommodation utilities are paid. Staff in Kuwait generally find they have sufficient disposable income at the end of each month to save. In addition to the salary there is an end of service gratuity paid at a rate of 2 weeks salary per full year of service. Responsibility allowance s are paid for those who take up positions of responsibility. There is no pension contribution.

Staff accommodation : Typically this is discussed at the time of a job offer – as a minimum single, rent free accommodation – furnished and air conditioned is provided. Apartments include a TV, microwave and washing machine. Alternatively staff may take the accommodation allowance to secure their own living accommodation of which there is ample supply in Kuwait.

Flights: an annual return flight to your home country is provided for the duration of the term of service except at contract termination where a one-way flight ticket is provided.

Health insurance: Local health facilities are generally adequate and most staff find them to be sufficient for their needs. It is possible for teachers to take out their own private health insurance – but most find government facilities acceptable.

Living Conditions: Kuwait is a family friendly, pleasant, safe and easy place to live. English is widely spoken and the cost of living is moderate. Cars are relatively cheap and petrol is very reasonably priced. There are many multi- national chain stores throughout the country with all kinds of supermarkets and household stores represented. There are local English language newspapers available. Most teachers choose to rent satellite TV.

Travel: Kuwait is an excellent place from which to travel the Middle and Far East, with London being around 7 hours flying time.

Eating Out: is excellent and very reasonably priced compared to many western cities. There are many outstanding restaurants and there is a strong take-away culture.

Alcohol: is prohibited in Kuwait. Unlike other Gulf states it is not possible to find alcohol in Hotels or for expatriates to buy it under a license scheme.

No-Smoking: The school operates a strict No Smoking policy anywhere on campus.

One school is looking for:

We are looking for male & female teachers

Vacancies from Sept 2013
Year 1 Class Teacher with the possibility of the additional responsibility of a Year Leader role for Year 1, if suitably experienced
Year 3 Class Teacher
Year 4 Class Teacher
Year 5 Class Teacher with the possibility of the additional responsibility of a Year Leader role for Year 5, if suitably experienced
Year 6 Class Teacher

All CVs must have a passport size photo attached and include the candidates date of birth /nationality. Candidates need to have as a minimum a relevant degree and ideally a teaching qualification. Teachers familiar with the Britsih National curriculum will be given preference.

Hours are 07.15 to 14.30. Sunday to Thursday. All positions are for homeroom class teaching to cover all subjects other than PE, Art, ITC, Arabic and Islamic studies which are taught by specialists.

Salaries are dependent upon qualifications and relevant experience. Full package of benefits list will be communicated by the HR department to those who are offered positions.

One school is looking for:

We are looking for female teachers - 2 teachers for primary level, 1 English teacher, 1 Accountancy teacher for secondary level and a Secondary Head for Secondary level.

This is an all girls’ school KG-Y11. The teacher is expected to conduct her supervisory responsibilities and speak understandable English. She is expected to hold a Degree in the subject area.

These are teaching positions at both primary (3-6) and secondary (7-9) levels. Teachers will report on August 26, 2013. Hours from 7:15 until 2:30. Salary is discussed in Human Resources and is dependent on experience and other factors.