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The 120 hour Canterbury International TEFL Certificate, which is fully accredited by the College of Teachers in London, England, includes a guaranteed teaching position with Canterbury English in Madrid throughout the school year. In addition, we supply summer teaching jobs throughout Spain in exotic locations as diverse as the beaches of Marbella to the Pyrenees mountains to students who have completed our TEFL program. We also run an English Adventures Summer Camp and have set up a British/Spanish Student Exchange Program (BSSEP) with various schools in the United Kingdom and Spain.

TEFL Program Cost: 995 euros



July 10, 2012

Dear TEFL Candidate,

Are you considering working and living in Spain?

One of the opportunities is to be certified and work as an English teacher with Canterbury English in Madrid. I did so in 2011, to bridge the time without my wife, who was abroad for an extended period. The experience I had with Canterbury was – and still is – rewarding.

In an 80 hour program, spread over 4 weeks, you will complete the theory portion in order to be TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified. Canterbury’s staff of instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, and these first four weeks definitely “got me spun up” to start teaching in Madrid. An additional advantage is the opportunity to take Spanish classes through a discounted program with Canterbury, in a 4-week program. It’s an excellent deal – you will not find better classes for less. I did not speak any Spanish when I arrived in Spain, and my Spanish was boosted to a level where I can have small, basic conversations. Especially for those that plan on staying in Spain for a longer period of time, this is the perfect basis for becoming (close to) fluent.

Canterbury also provides you with paid classes in which you teach English, during (for certification purposes) and after completion of the TEFL program. However, in order to “financially survive,” it is essential to have an entrepreneurial mindset. There are plenty of teaching/working opportunities in Spain, but this also requires an effort from your side. Another sidebar is that however helpful and professional the Canterbury staff is, these people do not work for customs or immigration services. For those that have no EU passport: invest some time in doing your homework and you will have a great time in Spain.

As rewarding as the “Canterbury experience” are the Spanish culture and travel opportunities that come with living in Spain. The Canterbury club is one way to take advantage of both, allowing you to make new friends along the way. Travel in Spain can be very affordable, using low-fare airlines or inexpensive bus tours. Don’t miss these chances – culture is rich, the climate is generally favorable and the food is great! Enjoy Madrid, but take time to see the rest of Spain!

I can look back on a great time, in which I learned a lot about Spain, about the world, and about myself.

Bram Wilens -- Haaksbergen, The Netherlands
TEFL Class of March, 2012

July 3, 2012

Dear TEFL Students,

I am a 24 year old American who completed the TEFL program in September of 2010 and taught for Canterbury for the past year. I strongly recommend this program to anyone wanting to teach English in Spain and not sure where to go! I will take so many great memories back home with me that would not have been possible if I had not done the Canterbury TEFL program.

First of all, Canterbury prepares you to teach both children’s and business classes. They also have a library staff there to help you if you are ever short on ideas or stumped for what to prepare for a class. I found the array of classes I had kept my teaching exciting and traveling to different locations for my classes helped me learn Madrid so much faster.

Coming to a foreign city, I was excited but also a bit unsure of what to expect. I did not know anyone nor had I ever been to Madrid. Canterbury helped ease my worries as I immediately had a group of friends to go through the experience with in my TEFL class. Furthermore, Canterbury plans excursions for you on the weekends. You have the opportunity to go to a grape harvest, the enchanting city of Segovia, a Real Madrid match and even a city-wide tomato-throwing fight.

Through the Canterbury TEFL program, I not only became certified in teaching English as a foreign language, but I was able to see parts of Madrid and Spain I wouldn’t have otherwise and made lasting friendships. I am so glad I did this program and can’t imagine anyone not enjoying it as well.

Good luck,

Joanna Rhoads -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
TEFL Class of October, 2011

June 26, 2012

Dear Prospective TEFL Teachers,

My experience in Spain would not have been the same without Canterbury. I am a certified early childhood education teacher from the United States. After graduation I decided to take a step back and really ask myself if I was ready to become part of the 9 to 5 work day that immediately follows college. That is when I decided to research teaching English aboard.

Canterbury has given me an opportunity to make a difference and impact peoples lives in a way I never thought possible. Canterbury's classes are extremely helpful to anyone who has never taught. The classes are well organized, knowledgeable, and give you the foundation to understand the best ways to reach out to every type of student. The staff is friendly and always willing to answer questions about anything you may need help with to make your experience in Spain comfortable and memorable. There are organized events planned monthly for you to absorb the beautiful culture and people of Spain.

Taking Canterbury's TEFL class was one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made. The best feeling is knowing I wake up every morning doing something I absolutely love! -teaching English, learning Spanish, meeting people from around the world, and living in one of the greatest cities in the world just to name a few.

Best Wishes,

Margaret Sroka -- Richfield, Ohio
TEFL Class of September, 2011

June 1, 2011

Dear TEFL students,

Moving to a new country is a very exciting experience that involves learning a new language, experiencing a new culture, eating strange foods and so much more. However, it can also be very nerve-wracking at first because there’s always that big ´what if´ hanging over your head. You are unsure about what to expect because you have to find a place to stay, make new friends, meet new people you can trust, find a job that pays enough for you to be able to go out and enjoy a night on the town, and all of this can take the excitement out of what should be an exciting time for you.

When I first moved to Madrid I didn’t know what to expect. I had no friends or contacts and I was quite worried about finding a job. However, through a random stroke of luck I was fortunate enough to meet a girl who told me about Canterbury. I wasted no time, I got online, sent in an application and I haven’t looked back since.

Canterbury offers a one month intensive training programme for those who want to teach English as a foreign language. You will be provided with everything you need to get started… knowledge, material and most importantly confidence. The teachers are very friendly and approachable; you can go to them for just about any kind of assistance you should require. Canterbury will advise and assist you to find a place to stay and give you valuable information about what to expect in Spain. Once you are part of the Canterbury community you will also enjoy the fun outings and getaways they plan for students and teachers, this is a great time to socialize and meet new people and possibly make new friends for life. With Canterbury, you can begin teaching while you are studying, you can choose the kind of classes you want to teach and the timings are very flexible because it all depends on you. You can choose the timings that are most convenient to you. If you are not a morning person like me, you can choose to take afternoon or evening classes. This is great because it gives you the time to do the things that you want to do.

All in all being part of Canterbury has been a great experience for me as I’ve met some great people, made some great friends, and I have a great time teaching English. Oh, and yes, living in Spain is not so bad either!

Roopa Radhakrishnan – Bangalore, India
TEFL Class of December, 2010

May 28, 2011

To all TEFL candidates,

It gives me great pleasure to write about Canterbury and my overall experience in Spain as I reflect back on the program and my subsequent six months of teaching. My experience has been intense yet completely rewarding. I came to Spain with my husband who was pursuing an MBA. I wanted to make my time in Spain productive, fun, and professionally rewarding. I am now happy to write that at Canterbury, I have found them all.

Before Canterbury, I had no prior teaching experience nor did I major in English at university so I was very worried about my suitability as a teacher. However, I found the TEFL course to be both intensive and comprehensive. Between mock lessons, student teaching, and a thorough grammar review, I felt entirely confident with my newly acquired skills to embark on my career as a teacher.

Perhaps the greatest asset Canterbury has to offer is guaranteed work upon completion of the course. In fact, I was offered so many classes that I had to turn some down! Moreover, Canterbury offers both flexibility and variety. I have the freedom to control my schedule so I can ensure I still have time to enjoy the city. Additionally, between my children, adult, and business classes, there is always something new to teach.

Socially Canterbury offers you the best of both worlds. The Canterbury Club enables you to socialize with a network of people from diverse backgrounds. With their bi-monthly events, there is always something to look forward to. Alternatively, there is never any pressure to attend events, giving you the freedom to explore Spain and the rest of Europe on your own time.

In closing, I must say that teaching can be a demanding job; between the travel, preparation, and nontraditional working hours. However, the hard work has made the experience all the more gratifying. In fact, the greatest personal reward with teaching has been learning from my students. They are always enthusiastic about giving recommendations on where to go, what to do, and they provide a unique experience for me to learn about the real culture of Spain. In short, I have enjoyed my time with Canterbury and highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a demanding yet rewarding experience in Spain.

Devon Loback – Paradise Valley, Arizona USA
TEFL Class of December, 2010

May 28, 2011

Dear Prospective Canterbury Teachers,

My name is Sam Kass and roughly one year ago I was in the same position you are now. Like many, although certainly not all Canterbury Teachers, I had finished my college degree the spring before I decided to become a teacher with Canterbury. With five months out of college I had already held down three different jobs, two of which took place at odd hours—usually during the middle of the night. The third was an office job which I admittedly liked, but wasn’t ready to commit to. I decided that before I settled into whatever career was waiting for me, I wanted to strike out into the world one more time for an adventure the results of which I was unsure of. I figured that at the very least, being able to speak Spanish in the States couldn’t hurt.

My experience abroad over the past year was absolutely a positive one. And yes, I did learn Spanish (I had never taken a course in the language prior to my arrival in Madrid). I suppose that the most important thing for you to know if you are weighing the pros and cons of what you are imagining the program will be like is the fact that Canterbury as an organization keeps its word. You will have enough work. You will be able to support yourself.

You also have to be prepared to be proactive. The experience as part of the Canterbury Academy is very much as you make it (and I believe that this is absolutely a good thing). If you want to bring in lots of money every month you’re going to need to go out of your way to let people know that you want more work. However, Canterbury is easy to communicate with, and if you make an effort with them, they will happily work with you to see that you’re satisfied. They want you. Spain wants you. There is no shortage of jobs!

Canterbury also offers access to the entire community of teachers with organized events and field trips. Of course, all activities are optional so you can be as involved as you like or otherwise. Again, I believe that the fact that all socialization is voluntary creates a much better atmosphere in which to warm up to a new living environment. The majority of my own social network came directly out of my daily TEFL training courses during the first three weeks of my time in Madrid. I’ve read other letters on the website and many former teachers attest to the validity and helpfulness of the training program with regard to teaching. And yes, the course prepared me well for a job that otherwise would have been very difficult to break into. But equally, or perhaps a bit more important, is the immediate induction to a community of people who all speak English, have all just arrived in Spain for a significant amount of time, and meet daily for a period of weeks. When you’ve just walked off an airplane into a country that you’ve never seen before, being able to make a friend means all the difference in the world.

If you’re looking for an adventure—a chance to learn something new about both the world and yourself, and to do so in an environment that is both welcoming and reliable then I can confidently recommend the Canterbury TEFL program to you.

Good Luck,

Sam Kass – Monclair, New Jersey USA
TEFL Class of November, 2010

May 25, 2010

Dear TEFL Students,

In 2009 I decided to move to Spain to get to know its culture, traditions and to live new experiences. I grew up in a Spanish speaking country but I learned English because I have spent long periods of time in the USA every year and I had an excellent private English teacher, David Williams. He was a TEFL certified teacher and he was very proud of it, and he told me that I could teach too. He was my inspiration. I arrived to Madrid in September and my first thought was to look for an academy that could certify me as an English Teacher.

I chose Canterbury and it was a great choice. This prestigious academy has an excellent four week course in which you acquire all the tools and strategies that you need to be a well-prepared teacher. The knowledge of English grammar and workshops where everything is put into practice is the heart of the program. Also, Canterbury will book classes for you once you successfully complete the program.

In addition, there is the Canterbury Club that organizes activities every month with the purpose to immerse yourself into the Spanish traditions, visit new places and of course, meet new people. It is not a problem if you do not speak Spanish, Canterbury has Spanish classes for you too!

Stop thinking if this is the right place for you, come and live the experience, you won’t regret it! There is one word to describe life in Madrid: Fiesta. If you like parties, you need to come and live LA MARCHA MADRILENA!

Live the best time of your life and come to Madrid.

Victoria Cristina Salas – Caracas, Venezuela
TEFL Class of November, 2009

May 24, 2010

To all TEFL students:

My name is Jessica Smith and I am a 24-year-old American girl that moved to Spain in October of 2009. I am originally from South Dakota and decided that I wanted to travel. I had heard that teaching English was a way that I could support myself overseas while learning Spanish at the same time. I began searching the internet and found all kinds of schools that offered a TEFL certification in a Spanish environment. I was actually going to move to Costa Rica until I saw Canterbury’s website in Madrid. It was a school that advertised TEFL certification, a Spanish environment, and immediate job placement during or after the course. That was it- I decided that I wanted to move to Madrid, Spain and work at Canterbury.

Canterbury’s month long course definitely prepares you for teaching. There was a lot I didn’t know about the English language until I took this course. The course is divided into three parts: basic fundamentals of English, Business English, and English for children. All three parts of the course provide you with the necessary skills and confidence you need to teach English. I teach both Business English and English for children and I enjoy teaching both types of classes. As promised, Canterbury does provide you with an internship. You can begin working during or after the course. The “hands on” experience is intimidating at first but it quickly becomes like second nature.

The staff at Canterbury is very friendly and will help you with any questions that you may have. The library at Canterbury has a variety of materials that will you help you prepare for your classes. I use some of the books at the library as well as some English books that I brought from home. I recommend using Raymond Murphy’s textbooks and all levels of the English File textbooks.

There are also many activities and excursions that Canterbury plans. You are not obligated to go on any of these excursions but I must say that I recommend doing so.
If you are thinking about moving to Europe to teach English, there could be a position for you at Canterbury. You will meet life-long friends, have a stable job, and have an experience of a life-time.

Que te vaya bien,

Jessica Smith –Dell Rapids, South Dakota USA
TEFL Class of November, 2009

19 May 2010

Dear potential TEFL students,

I want to take the time to write and share my rewarding experiences with Canterbury English's TEFL Program. Without their assistance, I don't think I could have managed my transition to Spain so well. Based on my experience, I strongly believe that Canterbury English has something to offer many others like me.

I decided to come to Spain after working almost five years in a corporate environment in the United States. I needed a change, and I knew a few people in Madrid. I knew that my English background was strong, so I started to look around at the available schools for TEFL certification. After taking long looks at many different programs, I decided on Canterbury English's program, and I was extremely happy with the results.

I ultimately chose Canterbury English for many important reasons. First, their tuition rates were – and still are – very competitive with similar schools. Some schools were charging thousands of U.S. Dollars for their programs yet offering similar or even fewer benefits. Second, Canterbury English gave me the promise of paid teaching work immediately after or even during the course! This work additionally counted towards the impressive 40-hour teaching requirement of the school's program. Third, they offered a dizzying array of social events that students could attend. Through their years of experience in Spain, the school has set up a variety of interesting and entertaining events in locations all across the country. During these events, I was able to make connections and long-lasting friendships that have made living in Spain a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Ultimately, Canterbury English gave me the peace of mind I needed to get the most out of working and living in Spain. With their friendly and knowledgeable staff, their offer of work, and their variety of social events, I was able to do what I came to Spain for originally; relax and have some fun teaching English.

Good fortune to you all in your future teaching endeavors!


Shawn Douglas – St. Louis, Missouri
TEFL Class of September, 2009

May 9, 2010

Hello prospective TEFL teachers,

It is my pleasure to tell you briefly about my experience teaching English in Madrid to help you consider your plans for the near future. The fact you are a proficient (and probably native) English speaker is an extremely valuable asset—especially if you learn how to use it to your advantage.

One way to make the most of your knowledge of English is to learn to teach people in other countries to communicate in English. I participated in the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Course at Canterbury English in June 2009. This course included 20 hours of instruction of how to teach children, 20 hours of instruction in teaching adult business students, 40 hours of instruction relating to English grammar and teaching methodology, and feedback regarding the first 100 hours of teaching. The TEFL instruction took place during one month, while the first 100 hours of teaching (for me) extended another 3 months. After completing the course, I received a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

Though there are many places in Madrid (and in the world) to earn a TEFL certificate, I highly recommend considering attending the course at Canterbury. The instructors were knowledgeable of methodology, experienced and creative in their teaching, passionate about their jobs, and curious about Spanish culture. They worked well with the Canterbury English teachers (primarily TEFL course alumni), and their supervisors to transition students from the TEFL course to the English classroom. Canterbury staff offered teaching support, organized social and cultural experiences, lent technological and teaching materials, and established a welcoming atmosphere amidst a large, busy city. Perhaps even more impressive, Canterbury followed through on their commitment to provide all course alumni with employment during and upon course completion, for the length of the participant’s choosing.

Life, for me, as a teacher in Madrid had its pros and cons. The biggest pros of teaching in Madrid were that I was able to pay my rent and count on having work. I only had to work minimal hours each week, as 20 classroom hours is considered full time for TEFL teachers. This left time each week for planning lessons, traveling between classes, sightseeing and doing whatever else I wanted. I also had some flexibility to travel on long weekends and during vacations.

There are many people in Madrid who want to learn English: Parents who want to supplement what their children learn in school with private classes; adults who want to improve their abilities to speak English for fun, travel purposes, or work opportunities; or businesses that want their employees to learn relevant English communication. I enjoyed teaching a variety of types of classes and students. In general, I found the students to be highly motivated, interested, friendly and fun.

The cons of teaching English in Madrid minimized over the six months I spent in Madrid. At first I was extremely busy taking the TEFL class, teaching a few hours a week, and trying to get acclimated to a new city and culture. I also did not have experience or confidence in my ability to teach English, even though I spoke it natively. Although my actual working hours were few, my days were often filled with traveling to teach (up to 45 minutes to get to different parts of the city) and breaks of 1-4 hours between classes. The schedule and back-and-forth of commuting made maximizing the efficiency of those breaks and travel times difficult.

The biggest challenge for me was realizing that as I worked as an English teacher on a daily basis, my time to improve my Spanish was limited. If learning or improving your ability to use a second language is important to you as you travel, you should consider that your time spent teaching English will take away from your time available to study, read or speak with others in the foreign language.

Overall, the six months I spent in Madrid were extremely worthwhile and rewarding for me. As you think about your future plans teaching English and/or traveling, please feel free to contact me if I can be of any help.

Good luck to you!

Amy Novikoff – Cleveland, Ohio USA
TEFL Class of June, 2009

May 7, 2010

Dear TEFL Students:

I completed my TEFL course in June of last year after completing my degree in the University College of Dublin. I immediately began the TEFL and remember being pleasantly surprised at the relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the class. The class and teachers gelled instantly thus making the five hours a day intensive classes feel more like a forum than a typical class about pedagogical theories and linguistics. I came to Madrid with the intention of teaching English, however having had no prior teaching experience I was a little apprehensive as to how the best way would be to go about conducting a successful English class. The teachers at Canterbury really helped to alleviate many of the anxieties I had about confronting a large group of adults, some of whom were twice my age.

I would like to thank the coordinator of the program for opening up the doors to the world of English grammar and helping to demystify all the linguistic terms I had long forgotten. The course was split into three different segments, which covered all the conceivable angles necessary to give proper classes. The three teachers touched on a broad range of topics, everything from, early child psychology, language acquisition, socio-linguistics, business English, and general English. We were provided with an in depth study of the key grammatical points which are absolutely fundamental for teachers to be familiar with if they seriously want to become successful English teachers. The majority of Spanish people have been studying English all their lives so don't be surprised to discover that many may have a better knowledge of the rules of your own language than you do!

For this reason, I would strongly recommend anyone who is considering teaching English as a foreign language to do a TEFL course. The people at Canterbury have a very well respected image in Madrid, therefore they have a broad circle of clients from across the spectrum of the Spanish society. They provided everyone on the course with classes immediately and pay specific attention to try and tailor the classes to your own personal requirements. The staff take a very personal and familiar approach to training their teachers and I was really made to feel at home there. The first job I obtained in Madrid was because of my having done the TEFL with Canterbury, the woman who gave me the job was fully aware of the caliber of the Canterbury TEFL course and hired me thereof.

Good Luck!

Joseph Brady – Dublin, Ireland
TEFL Class of June, 2009

6 May 2010

Dear TEFL Students,

I completed the Canterbury course in April of 2009. I chose Canterbury based on recommendations from former students. I had no prior English teaching experience, and was unsure about taking a job in a foreign country. Canterbury did not disappoint. I emerged from this school fully prepared.
Presently, I live in Milan, Italy, and teach English full time. The TEFL certificate opened up a world I absolutely love. The concepts and tools taught by Canterbury have proven invaluable every day.
In addition to the practical aspects of the program, the Canterbury experience opened up amazing opportunities and a sense of connection along with new friends in a country where I initially didn’t know anyone. Students feel immediately welcome, and the staff is competent and helpful.
I am grateful for my experience at Canterbury. It facilitated a new and exciting life change. I learned that I really love teaching English, and I will be doing this for a long time.
Good luck on your adventure!

Lisanna McDermott -- Seattle, Washington
TEFL Class of April, 2009

May 2, 2010

To prospective Canterbury students:

My name is Nicole Bowers and I participated in the Canterbury TEFL course in April 2009. I am 23 years old and I have a degree in Translation. I wanted to do some travelling and I decided that teaching English would be a great way to see the world. I had a friend who was working at Canterbury and since I heard great comments from her about the program, I decided to go to Madrid and give it a try.

When I got to Madrid I attended a great welcome session and breakfast with the students who would be in my course, as well as our teachers. It was a great way to start off and get to know people.

As soon as the course started, we gave our availability and contact information to Canterbury so that we could start teaching as soon as possible. I started in my second week, so I finished my practice hours before the course was even over! The teachers at Canterbury were great at helping me with ideas and games, since I was teaching young children.

The course was very helpful, especially with lesson planning. We were taught great things about how to make our classes flow and how to make grammar lessons clear for the students. Lots of material was covered in one month—after the course I felt confident in planning my own lessons! Of course there was always someone in the Canterbury library happy to help me when I was on my own.

Canterbury was always very helpful in all aspects of my new life in Madrid. I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to travel or make changes in their lives!

Good luck!

Nicole Bowers – Strathroy, Canada
TEFL Class of April, 2009

May 1, 2010

Dear TEFL Students,

When I started the Canterbury TEFL course about one year ago, I didn’t have any teaching experience apart from a few basic Spanish classes for tourists on holidays. While working as an entertainer in hotels on the Canary Islands I had found out that I enjoyed organising kids’ and adults’ activities more than pure office work. I had always been interested in language and culture and being a German native I had studied the English language quite well. I also realised that there were many teaching opportunities in English Academies in Spain, so why not become a teacher?

For me, Canterbury had the best TEFL course to offer on the Internet. Paying a part of the course by actually being paid for the practice classes which are part of the course was a great advantage and also encouraging for me.
The possibility of specialising in children’s and business classes seemed promising and has actually turned out to be very useful for any of the teaching jobs I have had since. From my experience, the demand for children’s and teenager classes is quite high and companies are important clients for language academies in Spain.

Doing the course just before the summer holidays, I took advantage of the possibility to gain more experience teaching in a summercamp offered by Canterbury in cooperation with a tour operator. This was a good follow-up of the practice classes I had done and allowed me to get more accustomed to the Spanish mentality.

Regarding the content, the course offers an ideal combination of theory and practice, providing the future teacher with the essential methodologies, planning lessons and ways of teaching first, and preparing for the next step - the classroom. It is intensive, clearly structured, with interesting classes that always refer to real-life teaching.
Not to forget the welcoming and friendly atmosphere at the office and at different Canterbury Club excursions with teachers and TEFL students.

Sometimes I am still amazed not only about how much I learned in a relatively short period of time (I started in May and finished in August), also how rewarding and enjoyable it finally was. I didn’t think that I would now be earning my living by teaching in both a private primary school and a language academy. Personally, it is the most safisfying job I have had.

And so I hope it will be for you!

Stefanie Lange – Grossrohrsclorf, Germany
TEFL Class of April, 2009

April 21, 2010

To all TEFL candidates,

I hope you find the following helpful to you when making your decision about coming to work and live in Spain.

I am a 24 year old British woman, and have been living and working in Madrid for almost a year, working with the academy Canterbury English. When I first arrived in Madrid naturally I was apprehensive about how I would be able to integrate within this country, especially as I did not speak a word of Spanish. Soon after arriving at and meeting with the staff at Canterbury English, I soon felt at ease. The people at Canterbury are very friendly and will assist you with anything you need, whether it be help to find accomodation, advice and info on employment or just expatriate advice in general.

The TEFL course itself is very insightful, challenging and engaging, and working intensively with an intimate sized group (sizes vary), you will soon find your comfort zone and discover that you have made friends for life. The course topics change daily, providing diversity and challenge, and instilling you with both the confidence and the skills to potentially become an outstanding teacher.

Although there are many reputable teaching academies in Madrid, Canterbury do differ in that they can guarantee you classes when you complete the course, (some even begin during the course) and not only are you paid for these classes but they also contribute toward your 20 hours of practice teaching, which is compulsory but possibly unpaid with other academies.

Another benefit with these classes is that you will be working in homes and offices in Madrid, which not only provide you with an opportunity to visit different areas of the city but also allows for a more flexible routine and can insure you more spare time!

Working with Canterbury, you will typically find yourself with a three day weekend, Friday to Sunday, which gives you a chance to explore the city, catch up with friends and party while still leaving time for lesson planning etc. Very often Canterbury provide day trips to various places and events which will not only allow you to really experience Spanish culture, but provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Kind Regards and ˇBuena suerte!

Lesley WInchester – Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom
TEFL Class of August, 2009

April 20, 2010

Simply put, Canterbury is your best choice for teaching English in Spain. Canterbury provides fantastic instruction and great support on both an academic and cultural level. I participated in the class of October 2009 and worked with Canterbury through 2010. I had to return to America to attend Medical School, but I would have happily stayed with Canterbury for longer. When I first arrived in Spain I knew no Spanish and little about teaching English. After only two weeks of the course I felt confident in teaching classes. By the time the course was finished I felt well equipped with the tools to be a great English teacher. The classes were interesting, informative, and, most importantly, practical.

Not only did I gain many skills through Canterbury, but I also met wonderful friends and forged relationships with talented teachers. Financially speaking Canterbury is very reasonably priced, and they allowed me to work as many hours as I wanted so that I could live comfortably in Madrid. The financial, social, and academic aspects of Canterbury helped me have an exceptional time abroad. If you have an interest in teaching English in Spain join Canterbury!

Thomas Blair – Washington, DC
TEFL Class of November, 2009

April 17, 2010

Dear Prospective TEFL Students,

I came to Madrid in February of 2009 and took the Canterbury TEFL course in April. Upon arriving in Madrid I was not sure what I was going to do for work and I did not have many friends. Taking the TEFL course not only prepared me for teaching, but helped me meet people in the same situation as I was in.

The course was instrumental in preparing me for teaching Business English. Canterbury provided me immediately with students to work with. The course helped me be prepared with lesson plans and gave me so many good ideas on how to make learning English interesting and fun for the students and myself.

Canterbury also provides regular outings for the teachers and the students. These outings are a great way to make friends while being in a foreign land.

Being an English teacher provided me with much needed income as well as a flexible schedule so I was able to travel around Spain and Europe while I was there. Another big advantage of being an English teacher is that by going to different companies around Madrid helped me learn the city. Also, the students that you work with as a teacher are a great source of information about where to go and what places and sites to see.

Taking the TEFL course and being an English teacher was the best thing I did when I came to Madrid. I would recommend anyone coming to Madrid to experience the culture and the city take this course and teach English. I learned more about the country, the city, the culture and the people by being an English teacher than any other activities I did while there.

Also, I would like to thank one of the trainers of the course, John Bouse, for sharing his wealth of knowledge with me!


Stephen Buckel – Erie, Pennsylvania
TEFL Class of April, 2009

August 14, 2007

Dear Future TEFL Students:

If you are reading this, you have likely already made the decision (or are seriously considering) teaching English as a foreign language in Spain. Congratulations – my decision to do so turned into one of the best experiences in my life. That’s not to say that going to Spain, possibly with no prior background in teaching, to set up a life as an English teacher isn’t a daunting endeavor. It is, but being a part of the Canterbury Academy, of the Canterbury family, made that transition much easier for me. You could instead choose to go to one of the big name TEFL companies to do your certification program, but the unique aspect of Canterbury is that it works with and supports its teachers from Day 1 of the course through to the end and beyond by guaranteeing employment. This fact alone was a major draw for me and eventually led me to decide on Canterbury. I felt much more secure arriving in Spain knowing that I would have work and students lined up for me within my first month.

As for the course itself, the instruction provided offers insight into the teaching process as well as valuable practical advice on what to expect once you start working with students of your own. However, the only real way to learn how to teach is to actually teach. Canterbury knows this and integrates teaching requirements into the curriculum, including mock lessons, in-class presentations, and a 20-hour paid practicum that you begin during the certification course. Canterbury provides the essential stepping stones toward a successfully becoming an English teacher. Whether you are planning a shorter break from the real world following college or are looking to completely change direction in life, Canterbury can help you discover the potential opportunities (and fun to be had) as a teacher of EFL. As an established academy is the area, Canterbury also has an extensive client base, making it possible for you as a teacher to indicate the student and schedule preferences that best fit your needs.

I mentioned earlier that Canterbury actually feels more like a family than an academy, and it is that camaraderie and the built-in opportunities for networking and meeting many other EFL teachers in Madrid that I will remember most fondly. Canterbury also recognizes the fact that no one wants to move to Spain solely to work…we move there because we want to experience the culture, take advantage of our fascinating surroundings, and of course, have fun! These goals are at the heart of the Canterbury Club, which organizes monthly pub nights, activities, and excursions for Canterbury teachers, students, and friends. I doubt there are many other academies out there where you can stomp grapes during a wine harvest or get pelted by tomatoes in the world’s largest food fight (La Tomatina!) alongside your academy directors.

Making the decision to join Canterbury really impacted my stay in Spain, and I doubt I would have come away from it with so many great friends, engaging experiences, and wonderful memories if I hadn’t chosen that path. And while I still sometimes desperately miss Spain and my time in Madrid, I am now living and teaching in Santiago, Chile, where I continue to put my TEFL knowledge into practice on a daily basis and have really grown to appreciate how teaching English has opened up the world to me.
I wish you all the best in your TEFL futures and in the amazing experiences that are sure to come.

Ashleigh White – Chicago, Illinois
TEFL Class of September, 2006.

May 25, 2007

Dear TEFL Candidates:

I am writing this letter to ease anyone’s fears of moving to Spain to start a new career teaching English as a foreign language, especially if you chose to do so with Canterbury English Academy. I’m a 30-something American from the great state of Iowa who came to Spain in January of 2007. Like many of the English professors I’ve met in Madrid, I had a good job in the US, but was looking for a change. As an individual with a major case of wanderlust, when I read about the opportunity to come to Spain and teach English with Canterbury, I knew I had found what I had been searching for.

Of course, before making the decision to leave for Spain I had many questions that I wanted answered. I’m one of those people that must have all those proverbial ducks in a row before I make certain decisions. I had never taught a lesson in my life, would I be prepared to do that? Where would I live? Would I make enough money to pay the rent, eat, and go out in the evenings? Would I be able to work during the summer months when Madrid is deserted? I fired off several emails to Canterbury in Madrid, and each was answered immediately with a detailed and helpful response (by the way the answers were, “Yes, yes, yes and yes.”). I had also sent similar messages to other English language academies in Madrid, and not one of them offered the same of level of service as Canterbury. So, I made the decision to make the leap, and I enrolled with Canterbury.

The month-long TEFL course was amazing! I learned so much each day. The fears of teaching in a classroom were quickly erased with the practice teaching in our daily classes. And believe me, practice teaching in front of your colleagues is far more frightening than teaching at any business, school or home in Spain! After only two weeks of the TEFL course, I had the opportunity to start teaching and I felt more than ready for anything that could be thrown at me. The excellent Canterbury staff also requires progress reviews for its professors, which further guarantees that you’re receiving the assistance and guidance a new professor needs.

Canterbury also has one thing that the other English academies don’t offer, The Canterbury Club. The Canterbury Club events are wonderful opportunities to catch up with other professors, and most importantly discuss where to meet for tapas. Aside from the socializing aspect, it’s great to be able to meet in a social setting to network and discuss work ideas. I’ve also been able to see places in Spain I didn’t even know existed through the Canterbury Club’s weekend excursions.

The Canterbury English experience has far exceeded my expectations. I have a full schedule of classes with both business and private clients. There is such a demand for English in Madrid that I actually find myself turning down classes now. And the wanderlust? It’s not gone, it’s being fulfilled! I live in Spain and I have Europe at my doorstep! I’m extremely happy with the decision I made, and it wouldn’t have been the same without Canterbury English.

Nate Hamrick – LeMars, Iowa
TEFL Class of January, 2007

May 11, 2007

Dear Prospective TEFL Teachers,

I am writing this letter to share with you my experience with the Canterbury English TEFL program. Simply put, it was fantastic. Before I came to Spain I was finishing my undergraduate studies, not sure of what I’d do with myself after graduation. My girlfriend, who had studied in Spain before, was given a teaching position near Madrid and she encouraged me to come with her. Not knowing the first thing about Spain and with an elementary (at best) level of Spanish, I was hesitant to take the plunge. We did know that teaching English would be my only option, so we started scouring the Internet, reading English teaching blogs and the like, when we found Canterbury’s website. Something told me that this would be the easiest and most reliable way to find work as a teacher in Madrid and sure enough, when I signed up for the September 2006 course, I was not disappointed.

The TEFL course provided the structure and foundation I needed to prepare myself for the world of teaching English in Madrid. The course is such that you get equal time for learning and training in the techniques of both Business English and Children’s English, which has given me flexibility in the types of classes I choose to teach. Of course, Canterbury stands out because of the paid internship, which gets you on the fast track to teaching real-life classes in the first few weeks. The Canterbury staff is extremely generous; they will bend over backwards to find you classes that suit your needs and the library is an invaluable resource for preparing and gathering materials.

In addition, the Canterbury Club offers many wonderful social events to its teachers. Every month they host several gatherings that take you both around and outside of Madrid. These excursions are a fantastic way to bond with your peers and to learn more about Spanish culture. From movie and pub nights in Madrid, to an outrageous grape harvest festival on the outskirts of the city, the Canterbury Club events have been among the highlights of my time in Spain.

Summing up, if you do decide to take the plunge and move to Madrid to teach, then the Canterbury TEFL program is definitely the surest bet you can make.
Good luck!

Chris Griffith – Coshocton, Ohio
TEFL Class of October, 2006

May 7, 2007

To all future TEFL candidates,

I am writing this letter to describe my experiences at Canterbury, which is the least I can do to repay the academy’s sense of kindness and honesty. I freely admit that I have no experience of other academies, but am also very confident that I made the right decision in joining the Canterbury family. The combination of certificate, guaranteed work and social side were ideal for someone coming straight out of university needing to earn money and have plenty of fiestas at which to spend this money! The website will tell you all the major details of the course and work options, so here I will try not to regurgitate all that information.

I arrived in Madrid without a word of Spanish, not knowing anyone in the city, clutching a piece of paper with the address of a dubious looking hostel and having paid a deposit on a course that I could certainly have researched more. However, any potential fears I had were calmed by the knowledge that the following morning I would be attending the induction day at Canterbury and would be meeting some people with whom I could actually communicate. Indeed, the day itself was fantastic. Everything was explained in detail and this was followed by a brunch where I began to assess potential friends. The beauty of this situation is that you are automatically afforded numerous things in common: everyone is trying to improve their Spanish, looking for a flat, getting to know Madrid, learning how to teach, etc, etc. Therefore, making new friends is not difficult in a foreign land.

I found the course to be relatively straightforward and enjoyed the enthusiasm and effort that was patently evident from all of the instructors. This turned what could have been a dry and potentially tedious subject matter into something completely different – both interesting and, on occasion, downright silly.

The teaching itself is a very relaxed way of earning money and living in another country. Many classes take on the form of conversation classes, with the teacher simply providing the topics and prompting with questions and vocabulary. The one clear exception to this is the teaching of children. This involves a little more preparation but gives superb results when a new game is revealed and the child in question is so unbelievably excited that he begins to jump around the room, shouting in an unintelligible language, where the only decipherable word is “kangaroo”! Roman, aged seven, you’re famous already.

Beyond all this the only other crucial piece of information you require from me is my promise to you that Madrid is bloody good fun. Whether you want to relax in beautiful parks, go sight-seeing to the Prado, watch a world class football match at the Bernabeu or go for one beer and some tapas that somehow ends up in breakfast at 8am and an almighty hangover! This is certainly a lively city and I hope you make the right decision to come and join me. If so, and you enjoy it, please feel free to buy me a copa at The Music Bar on Calle Huertas…….i’ll
be the one failing to attract the attentions of the ludicrously attractive Venezuelan bar-maid!

Alex Runham – Bradford, West Yorkshire, England
TEFL class of February, 2007

April 13, 2007


I came to Spain with the purpose of taking a break between the typical 9-5 and graduate school, and I’ve gained more than words can express. With my time here winding down, I can’t help but think about how different my experience in Madrid would have been without Canterbury. Doubtful as to whether Canterbury existed at all, I arrived in Spain with only the information provided on the website and my orientation letter. Besides the obvious facts that teaching English in Madrid provides an income while you enjoy the country’s many festivals, and that the TEFL program prepares you to teach students of varying levels, the most important part of my experience in Madrid caught me by surprise. This is the place to be to learn about yourself. This is where you want to be if you want to become immersed in a beautiful, stress free culture that allows you to truly relax for the first time in your life; it puts everything into perspective. For me, and maybe for most, the best part about teaching is getting to know Spanish culture firsthand. It’s hard to imagine getting paid to talk to people about the best wine and cheeses in Spain, the different festivals around the country, the best restaurants to go to, what makes the Spanish people sore, and what excites them. Canterbury’s clients have been incredible people. And my experience here would be incomplete without them.

Best year of my life so far.

Alexandra Rivera – Santurce, Puerto Rico
TEFL Class of July, 2006

March 31, 2006

Hello Everyone,

I am 23 years old and I live in London. I recently spent four months living in Madrid and working as an English teacher with the Canterbury English Academy. I had a great time, and so much of that is thanks to Canterbury.

When I first arrived in Madrid I felt a bit lost as I did not know anybody, but that soon changed when I started my TEFL course. I immediately made many friends, people that I am still in touch with now. I took the TEFL course first, which I found to be incredibly useful and also very enjoyable. The course is very hands-on, it is designed so that there was maximum student-teacher interaction, and the teachers go out of their way to provide you with excellent theoretical and practical knowledge.

I was able to put this knowledge to use quite quickly, and started teaching in my third week of the course. After everything that we covered, I felt very comfortable going into teaching. And I didn’t have to go far to get classes, I had about 10 students a week and it was all arranged by the fantastic administrative team at the academy.

In addition, I gained a great deal from what Canterbury had to offer by getting discount Spanish lessons with the Garcia Lorca Language Academy. I did not speak any Spanish when I arrived in Spain, so I started with the beginner’s course. By the time I left I had also completed, and passed the intermediate course, so leaving Spain with an intermediate level was a great achievement for me.

Canterbury also offers organised nights in Madrid and trips outside of the city. Amongst others, I went to a grape harvest and to a tomato-throwing festival called La Tomatina. These were two of the most enjoyable days of my whole time in Spain, and they were things I might never have done had I not joined the academy.

All in all, Canterbury is a great package; not only do they offer a TEFL course with paid work at the end, but they also provide you with the chance to do new things and meet new people, all whilst living in an exciting European capital city. It is the chance of a lifetime to do something great!

Good luck,

Claire Barham – London, England
TEFL Class of September, 2005

February 21, 2006

To future TEFL students,

I am writing to give you a better perspective about Canterbury. Before I moved to Madrid I spent many hours surfing the web in order to find the perfect program to become TEFL certified. It is very difficult to decide after you have seen all the choices available at your fingertips. I chose Canterbury because of its uniqueness. You will not find another language school quite like this one.

The absolute best part of Canterbury is the guaranteed job. With Canterbury it is even possible to start teaching before you finish the TEFL program. This will save you a lot of stress. I had friends who worked for other companies and it took some of them almost a month to find enough work to survive.

Canterbury also provides you with free teaching resources that are easily available for your use, at anytime. The supplemental material they provide is for all ages and they even let you make free copies. This is unheard of in many other language schools. Many times you will have to purchase your own teaching materials and pay for copies at a local print shop.

Last but not least, my favorite aspects of Canterbury are the activities they plan twice a month. I have not missed one yet! If you decide to choose Canterbury you are automatically part of the Canterbury family. These planned activities are not only fun, but they also allow you to get to know all the other teachers from all parts of the world. With Canterbury I guarantee you will make great friends and have great memories!

Un saludo!

Michelle Cervantes – Denver, Colorado
TEFL Class of August, 2005

Romantic and poetic Spain is waiting for you to broaden your horizons, enhance your education and gain valuable experience for your career by teaching English in beautiful, sunny Madrid. Fun and excitement in the capital of Spain, where the night life is legendary. As the world renouned Spanish poet, Federico Garcia Lorca wrote, The air of Andalusia / gilded his head / where his smile was a flower of wit and intelligence. / What a great torero in the ring! / What a good farmer in the sierra! / How gentle with the wheat! / How hard with the spurs! / How tender with the dew! / How dazzling the fiesta! Spain and the Spanish are all this and more.

If you would really like to immerse yourself in the vividness of Spain and follow in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway, what could be better than earning a valuable TEFL Certificate and a job teaching English, as well as improving on or learning Spanish, in the vibrant, beating heart of downtown Madrid? The Canterbury International TEFL Certificate is part of Canterbury English, which is a member of both TESOL and the College of Teachers, with highly qualified and motivated trainers and staff, for which we have been awarded the Madrid City, Golden Laurel in 1999. Come to work and study with us, where the practical learn by doing approach is combined with the vivacious Spanish culture.

From its stunning beaches to its medieval castles, Spain is a country as diverse as the Roman, Jewish and Arab cultures that have influenced its art, architecture, music and lifestyle. It is a land where cathedrals, palaces, flamenco guitars and dancers, friendly tapas bars, famous museums and folklore festivals, make it a unique and enchanting place to work, study and enjoy the Spanish art of living.

The Spanish coast and islands are the most popular vacation spots of Europe, while Madrid is the most exciting capital city of Europe. Rich in history and tradition, it provides the perfect surroundings to live and work. You will delight in discovering the world famous Prado and Reina Sofia Museum, the Plaza Mayor, the magnificent Retiro Park and Botancial Garden, as well as the Rastro, Madrid's famous street market. After these visits, we recommend going to any of Madrid's popular tascas (taverns), where you will find a vast array of tapas (canapes). Night owls can enjoy the many late night bars and terrace cafes that the city has to offer.


What distinguishes the highly selective Canterbury International TEFL Certificate is not only that it is a fully accredited course by the College of Teachers in London, England, but also that all successful students are given a paid job teaching with Canterbury English in Madrid, upon completion of the course. The 120-hour course is highly intensive, with practical case studies and a learn-by-doing approach. Because you immediately become an integral part of our teaching services to clients, you are given high level support for all of your teaching needs. Our director of studies provides you with essential materials and experienced guidance for your immediate hands on teaching practice. In addition, we have an excellent, highly educated and experienced staff of TEFL trainers who teach the course. Moreover, you can learn or improve your Spanish in our intensive Spanish program that we organize for our English teachers, to fully integrate yourself into Spain and the Spanish culture. However, don’t just take our word for it, please click on our webpage at and read the testimonials on our homepage. These clear, well thought out essays were written by past students (people just like you), describing their experiences at Canterbury. They enable you to obtain firsthand information about the program. In fact, most people who apply for the program check off “Word of Mouth” on the application form as to how they first found out about Canterbury.

You are also warmly welcomed into the Canterbury Club, an association of professors and students from all over the world, which sponsors a variety of exciting cultural activities every month. A sample of some of the activities include: CULTURAL DAY TRIPS AROUND SPAIN: Wild Horse Round –Up in Galicia in July, La Tomatina in Buńol in August, Grape Picking & Stomping Party in El Molar in October, Don Quijote Road Trip in November, Day Hike in Patones in December, Ski Trip in the Local Sierra Mountains in January, Segobriga Roman Ruins Trip in February, Las Fallas of Valencia in March, La Feria of Seville in April, The Celtic Iberian town of Numancia and on the Trail of Dinosaurs in Soria in May. MADRID FIESTAS: Capea de Toros and Barbecue in May, Teachers of the Year Graduation & Pizza Party in May, Football Match (professors vs. students) & Pinic with Sangria in Retiro Park in June, Terraza Night in June, 50’s Night & 4th of July Party, Outdoor Movie Night in August, Irish Pub Nights in September & October, Real Madrid Football Night in November, Thanksgiving Potluck Holiday Bash the fourth Thursday of November, Christmas Party in December, Bowling Night in January, Flamenco Night in February, Billards Tournament Night in March, and Karaoke Night in April. These events help form a part of the cultural vision of studying, teaching and having fun, which is very important at Canterbury.

Your classes will take place under the perennial blue-sky and sun of historic Madrid in businesses, schools and private homes. You will travel by metro or by bus to the client and in between classes you can enjoy the marvels of the Spanish capital, as well as reading or studying in coffee shops and internet cafes. Your students will be a mixture of children, teenagers, adults and professionals of all English levels. You will usually teach one to one as well as small groups (2-5 people), and occasionally big groups (6-20 people). You will travel to the homes, offices or schools where your students live or work throughout Madrid to teach these classes. You will also receive the essential guidance and experienced advice from our Director of Studies, as well as other TEFL trainers, faculty, and school staff. The Canterbury TEFL offices are located in the heart of downtown Madrid, surrounded by beautiful buildings from the 18th century, very near to the famous Alonso Martinez Square and metro station.

The requirements for the TEFL Certificate program and the teaching position (we can only guarantee jobs to students who have completed our TEFL program) is to be a native English speaker or fluent in English. In the application process, we will take into full account your higher education and prior work experience.

The TEFL course usually begins on the Monday of the first week of every month of the year. See our web page for exact start dates and more details at

January 7, 2013 to February 1, 2013