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March 15th: Listings of Public Schools plus Private Academies throughtout Korea

Date 2013-03-19 07:03:58 Location : Asia:Korea


- Starting Date: March 1st - May 1st

- Location: big/middle/small sized cities OR rural areas in Gyeonggido

- Available # of positions: 000

- # of Native Teachers per school : 1 - 10

- Student Level: Elementary/ middle/ high

- Working Schedule: M-F, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

- Teaching Hours: 22 hours a week

- Salary: 2.0-2.5 mil won according to GEPIK Pay Scale

- At Rural areas: 100,000 won regional bonus

- Paid Vacation Days: 20 days (4 weeks including Saturdays & Sundays)

- Benefits: Full Benefits (Free airfare, Free furnished housing, Severance pay equivalent to 1 month salary, 50 % Medical Insurance & 50% Pension)

- Settlement pay: 300,000 won

- Special Requirement: TESOL/TEFL/CELTA certificate or Teacher's License for non- Education/ English/ Linguistics degree holders

* GEPIK Pay Scale:

Category (S) 2.5 KRW per month

: Contract renewal as a Category (1+) at the same school

Category (1+) 2.4 KRW per month

: Employed as a Category (1) teacher for one full year.

Category (1) 2.3 KRW per month

: Category (3) AND Minimum three years of full time ENGLISH teaching experience at an accredited institution

Category (2+) 2.2 KRW per month

:Category (3) AND the following: Employed as a Category (2) teacher with GEPIK for one full year.

Category (2) 2.1 KRW per month

: Category (3) AND one year of full time ENGLISH teaching experience at an accredited institution. OR Master's Degree in a field related to English Language Education

Category (3) 2.0 KRW per month

: ONE of the followings:

- Bachelor's degree with a major in English Literature/ English Language/Linguistics (Must be clearly stated on either the diploma certificate or official transcript)

- Valid Elementary, Middle, or Secondary School Teacher's License/Certificate

- Bachelor's degree in any field PLUS a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA (min.of 100 hrs) Certificate

< Available Positions > ------------------------------------------


GEPIK public high School for May 1st

Bucheon, Gyeonggido. 8:30-4:30

In-person interview only


Private English TEST Prep for ASAP

Gimpo, Gyeonggido. Elementary-High. 3-9:30


F4 bilingual only


Private English Academy for end May

Gimpo, Gyeonggido. Elementary-High. 2-9:30

E2/F6 only


Private English kinder for end April

Suwon, Gyeonggido. kinder/elementary. 9:30-7

hiring 2


Private English kinder for ASAP

Jamsil, Seoul. 9:30-6:30


Private English Test Prep for May

Gangnam, Seoul. 3-10

hiring 6 teachers


Private English Academy for May

Suwon, Gyeonggido. elementary/middle. 1-8:30


Adult teaching at Construction Company

Gangnam, Seoul. 9-4

3 month contract


Private English Academy for April & May

Suwon, Gyeonggido. elementary/middle. 2:30-10


Private English Kinder for ASAP

Bundang, Gyeongido. kinder only. 10-5


Private English Kinder for June

Jeju Island. 10-6


Private English Academy for May

Gimhae, Gyeongnam. elementary/middle. 2:30-9


Community School for May

Suncheon, Jellanamdo. elementary/adults. 9-5


Private English Kinder for April

Gangnam, Seoul. kinder/elementary. 9-6:30


Private English Academy for May

Daejeon. elementary/middle. 2:30-9:30


Private English Academy for June

Siheung, Gyeonggido. Elementary-High. 2-10

Debate, IBT,TOFLE teaching


Private English Kinder for ASAP

Yeosu, Jellanamdo. kinder/elementary. 9-6


Christian Public international school for April

Pohang harbor city, elementary, 9-5

prefer F4/F6


Private English Kinder for April

Busan, Kinder/elemenatry, 9-6

and many more...(plz contact for more job info)