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Kindergarten Teacher (ages 3-5)

Date 2013-03-25 04:03:41 Location : Europe

All teachers must be native English speakers. All teachers must be suitably qualified.

Kindergarten teachers at the central Moscow campus (2 posts) will prepare and teach 10 x 20 minute lessons per week. They will meet once a week to plan, discuss and coordinate activities with the Russian teachers for their age group. Teachers will engage in devising and planning future activities including vacation tasks.

Teachers are expected to devise strategies to engage children in English language activities during breaks. Domestic staff are available but teachers will have supervisory duties.

The school prefers teachers with 2 years or more experience, English Language specialists preferred. The School has lots of materials but absolutely welcomes enthusiastic, creative teachers with their own material and ideas. Planning time is provided (see more detailed job descriptions).

Teachers are expected to be flexible and supportive of children including giving lessons and other pedagogical activities (educational activities, extracurricular activities based on the employees qualifications and abilities, in particular extracurricular lessons, preparation and holding of meetings with parents, cultural, educational and sports events, school performances, staff meetings, seminars, etc. including going on trips. By Russian law teachers cannot work more than 36 hours a week but teachers will be expected to be flexible between their scheduled hours and may be asked to work at weekends.

Teachers will be assessed by the school as to the support they require and may be required to run classes on their own or co-teach with a Russian teacher.

Starting salary 110,000 roubles per month

A bonus of 200,000 roubles will be paid on completion of the contract at the end of summer term.

Medical insurance is provided for emergencies but will not cover routine/non-essential issues

Outbound travel to Moscow refunded, return refunded on completion of contract. Reasonable relocation expenses will be paid

Teachers are not expected to speak Russian but the school welcomes teachers who are learning/improving their Russian and actively supports anyone who wishes to learn

Apply in confidence by sending your CV and a current photograph to

Early Childhood (ages 3 to 6)

Kindergarten - Preschool

The MES learning experience in the Early Childhood is focused upon providing a safe, nurturing environment in which the child can:

1​ enjoy their first experience of school

2​ develop a range of social skills and begin to learn how to be a team player

3​ grow in confidence and gain a sense of their own ability to succeed at school

4​ explore the early stages of the various skills (reading, writing, mathematical) that will be key to all future learning.

5​ explore and learn the English language

Curriculum Overview: Kindergarten (ages 3 to 5)

Children in the Kindergarten programme spend most of their time with their classroom teachers and focus on learning through meaningful play. They also have specialist classes in art, music and physical education. Children who stay for the whole day have a rest (sleep) after lunch. Classrooms are organized around learning centres and academic and social skills are developed through a range of important activities. Resources available in each classroom include:

Books for storytelling - regular size and enlarged print

Listening centres for taped stories

Wooden blocks of differing sizes and shapes for sorting, classifying and building

Art areas for painting, play dough, cutting and pasting, collage work, sand and water tables

Table toys, games and puzzles

Access to technology for learning

NOTE: All children entering the Kindergarten classes must be fully toilet trained.