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Teaching position starting asap in Gwanggyo

Date 2013-04-20 06:04:06 Location : Asia:Korea

Teaching position starting asap in Gwanggyo

We have an excellent school position that is currently looking for teachers to start asap. This is withKCTY(Korea Center for Talented Youth), a program which has a strong reputation in Korea and an outstanding curriculum. They are offering a solid salary of 2.5-2.7 million won per month. The school is located inGwanggyo, a beautiful and modern area near Suwon and Bundang.Gwanggyois convenientIy located near several cultural attractions including world famous Hwaseong Fortress and is 40 minutes from downtown Seoul. As this position is set to start asap, an F-4 applicant or visa transfer applicant would be preferred.

The vision of our school is to provide a new kind of English education here in Korea. Most private English academies in Korea tend to take the approach that the more students memorize and the faster they go through material, the better. I donít believe this is a good way to earn a language. This type of education results in kids getting burned out and disliking English. We provide a very different learning experience for students. I believe that if students enjoy the process of learning English, they will learn better. At our school, we create a loving and nurturing environment in which students can learn. We place students at appropriate levels, so they can have challenges, but not be overwhelmed. We pace our curriculum, so that there is enough time for engaging activities which students will enjoy and which will help them learn better. By presenting a strong academic curriculum in this more fun and engaging way, students enjoy the process of learning English and learn it much better.

We have a morning program for preschool and kindergarten students. Unlike many other programs which only focus on language, we incorporate a lot of hands-on activities. We help young students develop holistically by providing them with opportunities to develop in the areas of motor skills, creativity, social skills, and artistic skills as well as in the area of language. We believe English should be the medium for holistic development instead of the focus of the entire program.

We also teach elementary students in the afternoons, after they finish with their regular public schools. Our students range from very beginners up through very advanced students who have attended schools overseas for many years. Regardless of the age or ability level, all classes are taught in the same fun, engaging way mentioned above.

Some of thebenefitsthat come with working in our school include:
lWorking in a very bright, positive, and professional environment
lWorking in an environment which focuses on students and their learning instead of just getting through the pages allows you to feel like youíre making more of a difference in the studentsí lives
lWorking with an American director eliminates difficulties in communication and culture in the workplace
lProfessional development program which assists teachers in their professional goals of developing as a teacher during their time with us
lWorking in a beautiful new facilities which include an outdoor garden area, outdoor soccer field, gym with sandbox, and classroom with laptops and projectors

KCTYis an outstanding English program looking for dedicated teachers to teach in its program. I have included all the links so that you can see more about the excellent facilities and classrooms and the outstanding program that they offer for their students.
School details
Starting: ASAP
Students: Kindergarten, elementary
Number of positions: 1
Work week: Monday-Friday (no Saturdays)
Salary: 2.5-2.7 million won per month
Number of students per class: 8-12
Housing: Single housing provided
Airfare: Prepaid by the school
Pension: Pension contributions matched by the school
Vacation: 2 weeks/year
Severance: One month severance paid at the end of the contract