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Date 2013-04-20 06:04:53 Location : Europe


La Academia Discover opened in the academic course 2001/2002 and since then our main objective and passion has been to achieve a high standard of education, offering our team and students all the advice and assistance they need to achieve their goals.

OUR MISSION: To teach the academic skills, foster the intellectual habits, and cultivate the character traits needed for our students to thrive.

Our academy features a “no shortcuts, no excuses”philosophy and a strong culture of achievement. Our strong work ethics, enthusiasm and passion for our job enables us to provide our students a well-rounded education which stands out from your typical language class. We give our students the support and motivation they need to excel at English but also incritical thinking, creativity, productive learning strategiesthat go beyond the learning of a second language.


All the classes are fully equipped with the necessary teaching resources. Each classroom has its own projector, whiteboard, noticeboard, CD player and air conditioning. We also offer a photocopier, laser printer, computer, resource materials for general, FCE and business English, games, flashcards, and a wide range of specialized books.


At Academia Discover, our teachers will have to incorporate many aspects of our own teaching methodology while they develop their techniques with their own ideas and creativity. Therefore, teachers must be open and willing to learn new teaching models which are being implemented in the most successful teaching systems around the world.

We focus on the following aspects to plan and teach our students:

Critical Thinking and Problem-solving.

Student collaboration

Efficient and eloquent verbal and written communication

Creativity, curiosity and imagination

At the beginning of each school year, all teachers are given information about the classes and the background of the students. We offer English classes to children from ages4 to 12, teenagers from13 to 18andadults. We also prepare students for the First Certificate Exam. Teachers will either specialize in teenagers and adults or children exclusively, making the process of class preparation easier and more productive.


Classes take place between 4:00 PM and 9:00 PM, Monday through Fridays. The school year begins in October and ends mid June. Teacher training begins 1 week before the school year starts (last week of September).

Job Information:

We are looking for teachers who:

1-Go beyond their job description.

2-Are creative in the classroom.

3- Are innate problem solvers.

4- Collaborate.

SALARY:starts at 1,300 €/ month (gross) for 24 contact hours per week.

PAID HOLIDAYS:Teachers receive approximately two weeks holiday at Christmas, 1 week at Easter and 3 days during our local fair. We also observe all official local, regional and national holidays.We offer full national health and social security coverage and our contracts are according to Spanish labour law for the private teaching sector.

IMPORTANT:We are looking for teachers who want to raise their salary by becoming more valuable, involved and enthusiastic members of our team.



-Possession of CELTA certificate.

-One year of successful teaching experience recommended

-Possession of a University Degree from an accredited institution of higher learning

-Bilingual ability in Spanish

-Must be native English speaker

-Must hold a European passport

- Be highly creative (we welcome all teachers with a background in the Arts)