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Volunteer Teachers of Conversational English

Date 2013-04-22 06:04:34 Location : Africa

Sudan Volunteer Programme sends native English speaking graduates or graduates who have studied or worked in English speaking cultures to teach conversational and informal English in northern Sudanese universities and secondary schools TEFL, Arabic and travel experience are all advantages but not mandatory. Volunteers must pay or raise the money their own flight and some initial expenses but accommodation and subsistence are met by the host institution. Conditions are safe and friendly in the most hospitable society in the world. See more at

We are looking for educated, native speakers of English, or if not native speakers, people who have studied or trained or lived in an English speaking environment and have a good command of current idiom. We need people who have an interest in language and in working with other people. We need good communication skills and time-management.

Volunteers live and work amongst people whose way of life, manners and customs are very different from the volunteer, and will need to be sensitive, tolerant, good humoured, patient and adaptable. The work, though very rewarding, may be in trying living conditions and thus demand maturity and resilience. We are particularly looking for people who can operate on their own initiative, and have a natural ability to develop a programme for themselves where appropriate.

What will a spell of volunteering do for me? SVP offers you one of the best ways of finding out about life and work in a wonderfully friendly and hospitable country which is both African and Middle Eastern. You have a chance to meet and help young people, some displaced from other parts of Sudan. Work with SVP also provides a worthwhile career break between jobs and has initiated and extended careers in teaching and public service in the UK and elsewhere. Some returned volunteers have successfully found jobs in finance, law and also in government service. If you are retired from teaching, your skills and experience will be particularly welcome. Age is not a barrier but you must be fit.

SVP works with the Ministries of Education and Higher Education in Sudan to arrange placements in universities, colleges and secondary schools. SVP volunteers are always at work in a number of universities in the Khartoum and Omdurman area. You are invited to give your preference to be in or out of the capital on the application form and though we will try our best, we cannot promise that your choice will always be met. Your application, if accepted by both you and SVP forms the basis of an agreement that you are available to work between 8am and 5pm but for a maximum of 5 hours per day, which will include some teaching and other informal discussion groups.