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Highly-paid Adult Teaching Positions. Short-term contracts

Date 2013-04-25 08:04:52 Location : Asia:Korea

A. Adult Teaching Positions Near Ulsan, Younggwang, Uljin.

1. Adult teaching position (5 positions are available)
About the job, the company is government owned hydro & Nuclear Power Corporation. It is guaranteed that working for the company will give you an opportunity to have a great reference for your future career. Also, living in a small-sized city will show you real beauty of the country.

There are two other English native teachers working at the place. They have been there for 6 months now. They are different branches of Hydro & Nuclear Power Corporation.
- Location:
1)About 40mins from Haewoondae by car. Near Ulsan.

2) Yunggwang (City info near Gwang-ju City

3) Ul-Jin (City info East coast. Near Donghae City
- Company info:
- Number of Teacher needed: 2 teachers need for 1st branch, and one teacher each for other branches.
- Period of the contract: 6 months, End of October.
- Working hours: 10:00 am-7:00pm or 9:00am-6pm (8 hours per day)
- Teaching hours: They have not yet set up the schedule yet, but it will be approximately 6 teaching hour.
- Level of students: All
- Number of students per class: up to 10
- Working days: Monday-Friday
- Salary offered: 2.5M
- Vacation: 5days, due to 6month contract you will be able to use 5days of vacation.
- Extra perks: Free Gym and Lunch
- Not going to be teaching all 40 hours, they have very flexible schedule.
- Class type: Mostly conversational class
- Extra Tasks: Proof reading the students¡¯ presentation as well as some paperwork
- Each year 2weeks factory shut down, but that time you actually prepare for classes, such as making lesson plans, contents making and required paperwork related to the next term
- Accommodation: Single furnished-studio.
- Near your apartment, there is convenience store, but supermarket is about 10~15 mins away by car.
- medical insurance (50:50 it is not required, so if you are willing to pay 50 percent of the insurance you may apply), Lunch at the cafeteria, one way flight ticket going back to home country or coming to Korea.