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Teach Overseas! - International School Positions

Date 2013-06-11 09:06:42 Location : Other

If you're currently a teacher and dream about travelling and living overseas, then you should check-out the hundreds of overseas teaching positions offered by The International Educator (TIE).

What is TIE?
TIE is The International Educator, a non-profit organization that for over 25 years has been dedicated to linking overseas international schools with qualified teaching staff.

TIE publishes a quarterly newspaper that is distributed to international schools all over the world and reports on the latest trends in international education, research, best practices, and events at these unique institutions. Additionally, TIE's website is the leading resource for finding jobs at top-notch international schools. Through the TIE Resume bank and Job Postings, you will be able to find the perfect position at the school of your choice.

Why TIE?
Why subscribe to TIE for an international teaching position? Because TIE is the most comprehensive online resource for finding a teaching job at an international school. With TIE you’re in control. No need for expensive recruiters or middlemen. For the nominal cost of an annual subscription fee ($39/year), you'll be on your way to teaching overseas.

More importantly, you’ll have full access to all the jobs in our international schools network. Jobs featured on TIE represent outstanding opportunities at first-class schools all around the world. With your TIE subscription, you’ll have access to all the information you need to make choices of where you want to teach, how much you’ll be earning, and exactly what the compensation packages are for a particular school.

That’s not all, when you’re a TIE member, your resume is entered in the TIE Resume Bank. This is the #1 resource that international school heads go to when they are looking for qualified teaching staff. Everyday international school headmasters are searching the TIE resume bank for their recruiting needs. That means that not only are you searching for jobs that interest you, but school heads will search you out, if you meet their qualifications and criteria. If you’re a TIE subscriber, be prepared to hear from international school directors who will want to talk to you!

Benefits of TIE
When you’re a TIE member you belong to an elite group of educators who are in the international school teaching circuit. What this means is that you have first-pick on the top jobs that others don’t even hear about. These schools are located in some of the most beautiful cities and towns in the world, and what’s more, they boast beautiful campuses that rival the most prestigious private schools found anywhere.

As a TIE member you’ll enjoy special offers that are only available to TIE members, special consideration from school heads and hiring personnel who know that candidates found through TIE are dedicated professionals who are assets to their schools. Additionally, you’ll have access to the latest articles, information, and developments in international education, along with tips from top experts on how to secure your dream job.

At TIE, you’ll always be able to talk to a human. If you pick-up the phone during business hours there’s always someone available to help you or advise you as you navigate the process of landing your next overseas teaching job!

Am I Qualified?
If you’re wondering if you’re qualified to teach at one of these outstanding international schools, ask yourself these three questions:

1. Do I have 2 years experience teaching my own classroom?
2. Am I certified in my subject area?
3. Do I speak English fluently?

If the answer to each of the above questions is YES, then you are qualified to teach your subject (in English) at an international school ANYWHERE in the world.