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Central Prime Seoul, Busan, Daegu & Daejeon for Aug, Sept, Oct

Date 2013-07-11 09:07:39 Location : Asia:Korea

In South Korea, YBM is a household name, known for its English Education, generating over $400 Million dollars in revenue every year. YBM Education has been a leader in ESL education in Korea since 1961. Instructors at YBM know that they are working for the most reliable ESL Company and with the most reliable contract.

Advantages for working with a Company Owned YBM ECC School:

*We combine the best of public and private school positions

-Contracts and teaching positions are guaranteed by the Multi-Hundred Million Dollar YBM -Corporation. Resulting in the most secure and reliable teaching positions in Korea.

-Smaller classes between 6-12 students

-Daytime working hours (i.e. 9:30am start, 6pm finish)

-Get specific information and position location before you sign the contract

-Work amongst other foreign teachers. Our schools have between 4-7 foreign teachers

-Full developed curriculum, constantly being updated by the R&D team at the Head Office

Available Positions for the End of August & September:


Suseong ECC (Located in Gisan-dong in Daegu’s Suseong district) This area is an upper-middle class community. Daegu has all the amenities as Seoul without the congestion of 10 million people. There are variety restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs in the city for you to enjoy as well. It’s just a short bus ride away from downtown Daegu and not far from the bullet train station.

Daegu ECC (Located near the Sinmae subway station) This area has all the amenities you would need such as restaurants, bars, cafes, and shopping. It is an ideal choice for those who want a big city life with less congestion and more open space. You can also head to downtown Daegu by hopping on the subway as it is near the school.


Sungbuk ECC (2 min walk from Sunghin Women’s Univ. Station line 4) This position is perfect for the instructor looking to mingle with the young Korean University crowd as it is located in a popular college district. Teachers at this school are also just a short subway ride away from the famous Dongdaemun market, and only two stops away from the popular Daehangno (College Street) district, filled with many clubs, bars, shops, cafes, and live performances.

Nowon ECC (walking distance to Sanggye Station line4 & Junggye Station line 7) This school is located in the heart of the Nowon area, also known as the hot spot of Northern Seoul. Here you will find street filled with restaurants, cafes, bars, lounges, and clubs that cater to the foreign crowd, university students, and young Korean professionals. Being located in northern Seoul, instructors at Nowon ECC will be close to the famous Daehangno district and university areas. This position is ideal for the instructor looking to be in Seoul, at prime location.

Ssangmun ECC (10 min walk to Changdong Station Lines 1 & 4) This school is located just a few stops by subway or a few minutes by bus from Daehangno (College Street) at HaeHwa Station. This area is famous for its street performances, theaters, eateries, and overall lively atmosphere. Here you will meet many foreigners as well university students.This school is also near the Nowon area, which features many bars and restaurants. For hiking and nature enthusiasts, you can visit Dobong Mountain, which is also located near our school. Ssangmun ECC is definitely one of our bigger schools with 20 Foreign and Korean staff, who will be able to make your year experience a life time memory.

Mokdong ECC (Located near Omokgyo Subway Station) Mokdong ECC is located in the affluent Mokdong area of Seoul. That is also within walking distance to restaurants, cafes, department stores, Markets, and outlet stores. If you are looking to get out of the area, it also happens to be near the excitement-packed Shinchon/Hongdae area.

Songpa ECC (1-2 min walk to National Police Hospital Station line 3 or 10 min walk to Garak Market Station line 8, 3) located near Jamsil and the Olympic Park. Songpa is very popular because it is not as congested as other parts of Seoul. You will have the amenities such as famous restaurants, fitness centers, movie theaters and many places to relax and enjoy your free time. It is also very close to the Lotte World amusement park and Lotte Mall.


Noeun ECC: (walking distance from the Ban-seok Subway Station) We're located in the affluent Yuseong district of Daejeon city, close to the famous Yusong Hot Springs. This school is also located near the university district where you can mingle with the Korean college students in the many movie theatres, restaurants, bars, and shopping areas, without the congestion of Seoul. Another feature of the Yuseong district which you will have access to is Gyeryongsan mountain only 20 minutes away for hiking enthusiast famous for its Buddhist temples. This is a great location for the individual looking to truly experience Korean culture.


Nam-Busan ECC (5 min walk to Namcheon Station line 2) Located in the southern affluent part of Busan, near the coastline and is within minutes of Gwangalli Beach.There are a lot of bars, cafes, restaurants and shopping along the beach. Centum City, which is the largest department in the world, is close to this area. The school is only a few stops away by subway to the other hotspots and downtown areas in Busan.

Benefits you will receive with YBM ECC; which other schools may not provide:
*RENT-FREE, furnished, single housing located within walking distance to the school.
*Competitive salary of 2.0~2.4 million won or 2.5~3.0 million won for no housing contracts
*Inbound Air tickets provided to Korea

*Return ticket upon completion of contract
*Guaranteed contracts; upheld by the YBM Corporate Head Office in Seoul
*Relocation allowance 200,000 won
*Paid Orientation and training with our teacher trainer.
*Compliance with the Pension tax refund (Average of over $1,000 US Dollars)
*Korean National Medical Insurance
*Year-end completion bonus/severance (one extra month’s salary)
* Vacation days (10 Selected Days + All Korean National holidays)