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Jiangsu University_English, Japanese and German Teachers

Date 2013-07-13 11:07:32 Location : Asia:China

English, German and Japanese Teachers needed at Jiangsu University

Jiangsu University
Salary: 5,500-6,000rmb a month, teaching College students,
or 7,000rmb a month to teach young children in the affiliated Primary school in Suzhou City/Jiangsu Province. 18 hours a week.
Please send your documents to us,
Many thanks.
Attachment of the contract
Party B will be required to teach five working days each week, 15 teaching hours
4 The Salary for Part B is 5,500-7,000 RMB per month. Party B will receive a round trip air ticket or 8000RMB each year for going back home.
5 During the time of employment, the university will provide him/her with a free furnished lodging with bathroom and kitchen. All the utilities are free.
6 Gas, Electricity and Water utilities are free up to the following amounts: Gas 50 RMB, Electricity 320 RMB, Water 50 RMB.
7. Party A will buy a medical insurance for a year contact, but it covers only the medication in public hospitals.
8. Party B can enjoy the RMB2200 travel allowance.
Party A Party B
Situated in the historically and culturally renowned city, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, Jiangsu University was established through the combination of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang Medical College and Zhenjiang Teachers’ College with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China in August, 2001. Its main body, the former Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, a brother university of Nanjing University and Southeast University, was one of the 88 key universities designated by the State Council in 1978.
  At present, Jiangsu University has 24 schools, with 280 professors and 850 associate professors, and an enrollment of more than 35,000 students, of whom about 6,000 are postgraduates. It offers 73 undergraduate programs in the fields of engineering, science, medicine, literature, economics, law, management, education, history. It has 6 post-doctoral research stations, 5 primary Ph.D. disciplines, 28 Ph.D. programs, 95 master’s programs, 2 national key disciplines, 4 provincial key disciplines, 1 key laboratory co-sponsored by Jiangsu Province and the Ministry of Education, 10 provincial key disciplines, 10 provincial key laboratories and engineering centers. In addition, it runs 16 ME (Master of Engineering) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs,one publishing company, Jiangsu University Press, and one affiliated hospital.
  Jiangsu University is strongest at engineering, one of its five chief fields: engineering, medicine, science, management and humanities. It cultivated the first batch of postgraduates and the first doctor on agricultural machinery in China. Its Ph.D. program, Fluid Machinery and Engineering, is the sole national key program that features pump researching. Its Farm Products Processing Engineering program is the first Ph.D. program in its field in China and its Vehicle Engineering the fourth.
  With “erudition, truthfulness, virtuousness” as its motto, Jiangsu University has cultivated a large number of graduates with innovative thoughts, scientific attitudes and practical ability. For instance, it was awarded the “Winning Cup” with its sixth place in the 10th National Challenge Cup for Academic and Scientific Achievements among university students. It passed the assessment by the Ministry of Education as one of the “Excellent   Universities for Undergraduate Education” and won the provincial award for its outstanding performance.
The University attaches great importance to scientific research. As a result, it has won more than 400 national, ministerial or provincial awards for its research work in recent years. With about 200 patents approved in China, it now ranks 43rd among all Chinese universities for the number of patent application and approval. In 2003, it was placed 44th in the list of competitiveness for intellectual property rights among all Chinese scientific institutions and entered the top ten of Jiangsu provincial institutions for patent approval.
  Now the whole University, guided by the scientific outlook on development and the principle of four priorities (priority should be given to teaching quality, topnotch faculty members, strong disciplines and independent innovation), is trying its best to build Jiangsu University into a first-rate comprehensive university that features opening, engineering and multidisciplinary development in China.

Student Societies


Student Societies
Jiangsu University student societies play an active role in building a youth culture and a harmonious campus culture and in facilitating students’ overall development via such activities as Cultural and Art Festival, Societal Touring Festival and Societal Activities Exhibition Day. The establishment of the Association of Jiangsu University Students’ Societies in August, 2006 helped to realize the institutionalization of routine work, the systematization of independent activities, the innovation of traditional activities and the thematicalization of big activities. At present, there are altogether 116 student societies in Jiangsu University, who has entered the top ten of “best societies” and “best societal activities” of Jiangsu Province in succession. The Philanthropic Alliance even entered the list of China’s Excellent University Student Societies in 2006.
Philanthropic Alliance
The Philanthropic Association, the predecessor of The Philanthropic Alliance, was was set up as a subordinate to the Center of Young Volunteers in 2000. In Sep. 2005, the Communist Youth League Committee and Student Government of Jiangsu University decided to transform it into a student society for all the students on campus and renamed it Jiangsu University Philanthropic Alliance, a student society for those who take as their mission to spread love. From August, 2005 up till now, the Philanthropic Alliance has held a series of philanthropic activities that were reported by such media as People’s Daily, Jiangsu People’s Radio Station, and Yangtze Evening Newspaper. The stories were then rebroadcast by numerous websites.
Monetary LoveCultural Heritage Protection Activities
Sino-Indian Students Society of Green Cycling Tours
Society of Life Volunteer Volunteers
Student Societies Set up Help Poor Students
China’s Excellent Student Society Volunteers Teach Paper

English, German and Japanese Teachers needed at Jiangsu University