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Apply Early for Fantastic February Public School Positions throughout Korea!

Date 2013-07-20 20:07:24 Location : Asia:Korea

ESLstarter are looking for graduates to teach English at public schools throughout South Korea starting February 2014.
9 Great Reasons to Teach with the Public School Program in South Korea
- Earn a fantastic local salary which will enable you to enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle and pay off student loans
- Free fully furnished private accommodation provided
- Receive a flight allowance of KRW 2,600,000
- Make new friends and share this adventure with hundreds of other candidates from the UK, USA, SA, AUS, IRE and NZ who will be starting in February
- Full orientation and training provided
- Receive a completion bonus
- Every class has a Korean co-teacher to help you
- Generous holiday allowance giving you the chance to explore Korea and other exciting parts of Asia!
- One year contract

- Start date: mid-February (full orientation to be followed by placement at assigned school)
- Teach Elementary, Middle or High school (depending on preference)
- Working days: Monday - Friday
- Working hours: 8.30AM - 4.30PM or 9AM -5PM (depending on school)
- Total hours: 22 classes per week (so 3 or 4 classes per day)

About my role
- Teach conversational English to enthusiastic classes of Korean students
- Student evaluation
- Prep class
- Develop curriculum and teaching materials
- Assist with activities related to English language education
- Share your culture and experiences with young Korean learners
Salary & Benefits
- KRW 1.9 - KRW 2.7 monthly salary (depending on experience)
- KRW 1,300,000 Entrance Allowance to cover flight cost into Korea
- KRW 1,300,000 Exit Allowance upon completion of contract
- Rural Allowance + Provincial allowance (depending on location)
- KRW 300,000 Settlement Allowance (one time payment)
- Free fully furnished housing or, where housing is not available, a rent subsidy of KRW 400,000 monthly
- 3 Weeks PAID vacation (8 day summer recess, 10 day winter recess) + approximately 12 national holidays
- 22 hours of class teaching required per week
- Overtime pay or KRW 20,000 per hour per supplementary class
- Severance pay equivalent to one month''s salary
- Tax exemption for 2 years apart from Canadians due to lack of ROK Treaty
- Compulsory medical insurance - 50% of premiums paid by employer
- National Pension scheme - 50% of contributions paid by employer
- Full 8 day orientation in a Korean resort area
- One year contract
- All national holidays