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SICHUAN --Positions for ESL teachers- 5500-15000RMB + ASAP, Chengdu, Dazhou,Luzhou

Date 2013-11-14 07:11:15 Location : Asia:China

We are looking for teachers wanting to begin teaching in China or who are looking for new contracts. We have over 148 positions to be filled over the next few months.
Sichuan is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation and plays an important role in China's history. As early as two million years ago, human beings had already begun activities in Sichuan; about 25,000 years ago, civilizations appeared here and formed the highly developed ancient Shu civilization, represented by Sanxingdui. With the unification of China by Emperor Qin Shi Huang in 221 BC, the region gradually blended the Central Plain culture. Meanwhile, the local culture continued to develop. Up to now, Sichuan could be divided into four culture zones: Ba Culture Zone, Shu Culture Zone, Panzhihua-Xichang Culture Zone and West Sichuan Plateau Culture Zone.

- Location: CHENGDU, SICHUAN - Private Training School - Children (Ref #: CD-03)
- Salary: 7000RMB
- Workload: 20hrs + office hrs
- Flight: 9000 RMB
- Accomodation: Yes, Fully furnished apartment
- Bonus: 3000 RMB
- min 2 years teaching experience
- Start Date: ASAP

- Location: CHENGDU, SICHUAN - Private Training School - Children (Ref #: CD-10)
- Salary: 5000 RMB
- Workload: 25 classes
- Flight: 6000RMB
- Accomodation: Yes, Fully furnished apartment
- Start Date: ASAP

- Location: CHENGDU, SICHUAN - Private Training School - Children (Ref #: CD-12)
- Salary: 9500-15000 RMB
- Workload: 5 days work a week
- Flight: 6500RMB
- Accomodation: N/A
- Start Date: ASAP

- Location: CHENGDU, SICHUAN - Private Training School - Children (Ref #: CD-13)
- Salary: 7000 RMB
- Workload: 17-19 classes
- Flight:1500USD
- Accomodation: Yes, free apart/1200RMB housing allowance
- Start Date: Feb. 2014

- Position Requirements:
- Native English Speaker from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand
- University Degree or Higher
- Energetic Individuals
- Experience preferred but not required

- Required Documentation:
- Current Resume, Stating your Nationality of origin
- Copy of the ID page of your valid passport
- Copy of your highest degree and other qualifications
- Current Photo
- References with contact information

If you are interested in the above mentioned position, looking for a new position or thinking about starting one in the future, email
We know that our teachers take comfort in dealing with foreigners when obtaining a position in China, as we understand what is important to you and what simply won't do.
Hear from you soon.
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