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English Teacher

Date 2013-11-14 08:11:12 Location : Asia:China

Free Rent & much more. We Invite you to come teach English on a tropical island in the South China Sea.

Starting each day in Haikou, the capital city of Hainan island, I always have a smile on my face. The sun is shining and the forecast says it will hit 34 degrees Celsius today. Whether you are on foot, bike, bus, or riding a scooter like me to one of our Happy Town campuses, your journey into work will be a new adventure each day with many unique and interesting things to see and discover. On my way into work I pass by the park and see small groups of people practicing Tai Chi, as they do every morning. In many ways Haikou is like the cities back home with sky scrapers, shopping malls, and fast food joints, but with much nicer weather, beaches, and streets lined with palm trees!

Our classes are really unique. We have two campuses and teach children of all ages. Our Beginners English program is for our youngest students who are 12 - 30 months old. There are 10 students per class. We offer a vibrant program that introduces them to English through music, sensory activities, and much more. Each semester a dynamic curriculum is created for our teachers to follow. All of our BE teachers are given a week of training when they first arrive and work Tuesday - Saturday.

The Daily English program is for children 3 - 5 years of age. They attend multiple 30 minute classes a day that focus on developing their English through the growth of their cognitive, social, and fine and gross motor skills. Each class requires a lesson plan and follows a fun and vigorous curriculum. The children absorb a surprising amount and are a lot of fun to teach.

Each teacher will teach a total of 6 half hour classes per day with a 3 hour lunch break from 11:20-14:20 hrs. During the lunch break some teachers head home, some do their shopping either at the supermarket or one of the many open air markets, and others like me are faced with the difficult decision of relaxing with a coconut in the park or going to the beach. All DE classes are finished at 16:50. Each DE teacher will work Monday - Friday.

All DE teachers are all given a week of training when they first arrive that focuses on the developmental stage of their students, how to creatively put together a solid lesson plan using the established format, and observing the students they are to teach. We use Super Tots for DE 1, 2, and 3. DE 4 follows the Complete Canadian Curriculum. Each class will have a maximum of 12 students. Each teacher will have a Chinese teacher and TA to assist them.

At Happy Town we also have an After School Program that runs a Classroom English (ages 3-11) and Spoken English (ages 12 and up) program. Teachers in this program work Wednesday to Sunday with the bulk of their classes on the weekends. Teachers generally have 1 or 2 classes during the week and up to 5 on the weekend.

We use "Gogo Loves English" as our curriculum for our CE classes and "Side by Side" for our SE classes. The class limit is 12 students per class. Teachers will have a TA to support their CE classes.

Teachers are trained to use the established lesson plan guide. The After School Program uses a communicative English teaching approach. The staging of our lesson plans follows the "Present, Practice, and Produce" model. Teachers are encouraged to use fun filled English learning games to motivate students through each of the stages.

Happy Town International

Happy Town English runs a progressive curriculum for children 12 months to 15 years old. We feel technology has its place in the classroom, as a tool but not a crutch. All teaching materials are provided. Coupled with the training you will receive when you arrive you will have everything you need to confidently and effectively teach your classes. We believe education is the key to new experiences and personal growth. It can open the imagination and change a life forever. Are you prepared to change lives?

When you join our family you will get:

8,000 RMB per month (after tax) for 24 weekly teaching hours total

A fully furnished apartment close to the school or 1500 RMB housing allowance

Sponsored Z visa, Foreign Expert Certificate, and Medical Exam paid for by Happy Town

Contract completion bonus of 5000 RMB

28 days of vacation

We are currently looking for several DE and CE teachers who are:

North American (We may also consider those from countries whose official language is English.)

English as their first language

Committed to a 1 year contract

Passionate about teaching young children

Experience working with young children in schools like Happy Town, daycare, and/or equivalent experience

Start Date:

CE Teachers: as soon as possible

DE Teachers February & March

The Chinese government & Happy Town require you to have:

A completed Bachelors Degree from a recognized university

A TESOL certificate