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English Teachers needed

Date 2014-03-24 10:03:38 Location : Asia:China

WORKING WITH VISION ENGLISH: What we can do for you;

Vision English is managed by both Chinese and Australian staff, and offers you:

Salary of 7000-8000 RMB per month.

Comfortable Accommodation in a furnished city apartment, including bills paid up to RMB200 per month ( plenty.)

Guided Tour of Putian within the first few days of your arrival.

All assistance with settling in, and advice on general day to day affairs.

A willingness to listen, combined with flexibility.

A painless , stress-free EASE into teaching here, assisted by our other friendly staff.

Small classes (no more than 10 students), with all materials provided.

Teaching young children, young adults, or adults.

Expenses paid for renewal of visa,

One and a half days off each week,

Paid Chinese national holidays.

A computer to use in the school, for the duration of your contract.

Vision English expects that you will reciprocate with:

1. A positive attitude, and a lot of enthusiasm. We want people who care about teaching.

Punctuality, and adherence to your roster.

Neat, casual dress. 2

36 hours of work per week, which may be made up of teaching at Vision, teaching at a local school,or being on rostered duty at Vision. These hours represent six hours a day spread over six days of the week.

General behavior ( even when off duty) that reflects only in a positive manner on the school. Westerners are conspicuous in Putian, and thus your personal behavior will be also.

Respectful, friendly dealings with all other staff, and with students.

General care and cleanliness with regards to the provided accommodation.