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Full-Time Job Opportunities for Native EFL/ESL Teachers - Jinan, Shandong Province

Date 2014-03-25 21:03:57 Location : Asia:China

Full-Time Job Opportunities for Native EFL/ESL Teachers
Teaching at University of Jinan, Shandong, China
No. 336, Nanxinzhuang Road, Jinan, Shandong, 250022, China

One Academic Year: Aug. 27, 2014 — Jul. 15, 2015

I. Qualifications Required
1. Native English speakers with excellent oral and writing skills;
2. Bachelor’s degree or above;
3. No criminal record;
4. Friendly, compatible, communicative ability with a strong sense of team spirit;
5. At least two years’ teaching experience;
6. Sound physical and mental health;
7. No bad habits, such as alcohol or drug abuse;
8. 24-62 years old.

II. Benefits Offered
1. Free round trip airfare (economy class with most direct route from your home city to Jinan) for a one academic year contract, teacher to be met at Jinan Airport by a University representative.
2. Salary: Monthly salary begins with ¥ 5000 CNY or higher, according to qualifications and work experience.
3. Travel allowance: ¥2200 CNY for one academic year.
4. Fully paid winter vacation and Chinese legal holidays.
5. One free furnished apartment with three bedrooms, a sitting room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. TV, telephone, drinking water dispenser, air-conditioner, washing machine and basic cooking utensils provided. Costs of water, electricity, heating and campus Internet are taken by the university, but not the costs of board, drinking water, telephone bills, or broadband Internet where the university Internet service is available.
6. University of Jinan will offer commercial medical insurance during the term of employment. However, expenses in registration, doctors’ home visits, fitting false teeth, cleaning teeth, undergoing cosmetic surgery, buying spectacles, seeing a doctor outside the university, boarding in hospital and taking non-medical tonics and some medicines are not covered by the medical insurance.
7. Help to apply for the required Work Permit, Work Invitation (“Z” visa application materials) and Residence Permit in China.
8. If both parties are satisfied with each other after a one-year contract, foreign teachers can apply for contract extension for another academic year ahead of time. The University will help foreign teachers apply for legal stay according to Chinese laws.

III. Teaching Information
1. No more than 16 daytime teaching hours (about 14 hours) a week. You may have classes on another campus (there are two campuses in UJN) once a week, which will take 30 minutes travel time by school bus.
2. Courses will be: listening, speaking, writing and occasionally culture for English major undergraduates.

IV. Teaching Requirements
1. Good class preparation and student attendance record-keeping; provision of final examination to students, a re-exam to those who don’t pass, and on-time supply of a final mark report to the department head; acceptance of the supervision and evaluation procedures related to teaching.
2. Adherence to the university’s work system, teaching schedule and work arrangements. Without department permission, changing, canceling or missing class is absolutely prohibited.
3. Course assessment consisting of attendance, in-class performance and final exams.
4. Volunteer activity participation: giving lectures as required, taking part in other activities suchas English corner arranged by the university aimed at inspiring students’ learning interests.