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Skype Volunteer Project - We are in great need to find 8 amazing volunteers

Date 2016-01-12 09:01:23 Location : South America

Skype Volunteer Project - We are in great need to find 8 amazing volunteers who will help us to teach English to low income Brazilians!!
This is a new course EnglishWorks is creating !!! We are focusing on students from low income communities in Rio de Janeiro, who want to or already work in the technology field!
We are in great need to find 8 amazing volunteers who will help us to teach English to low income Brazilians! Classes begin on January 19th and resume on March 1st! Then we will begin another 14 weeks cycle of classes.
You can help us from anywhere! It is just 30 minutes week!
EnglishWorks TECh focuses on the development and improvement in its students’ ability to communicate in English. We use Technology as the context for learning English vocabulary and for conversation practice. Students have the opportunity to hear and speak English throughout the lessons, using digital tools in the classroom. They also have in-class support from teachers and volunteers.
EnglishWorks operates in low-income areas of Rio de Janeiro where residents rarely have the opportunity to interact with native and/or fluent speakers of English. We use Skype for one-to-one conversation practice between native/fluent speakers and students. This gives students a chance to use the English they learned in class and to go further in conversations if they are ready for it.
One-to-one conversation with native/fluent English speakers also exposes students to different cultures.
The goal of the volunteers:
The main goal of the Skype volunteers project is to increase the opportunities for students to hear and speak English.
Location, duration and resources
EnglishWorks in 2016 operates in 8 areas of Rio de Janeiro: Penha, Madureira, Irajá, Nova Brasília (complexo do alemã0), Santa Cruz, Vila Aliança, Triagem and Padre Miguel. It is a partnership between the Sequoia Foundation and the Secretaria de Ciência e Tecnologia through a project called Naves do Conhecimento. Classrooms are equipped with internet and there is a laptop for each student. Classes are two hours, once a week. At the end of the class, students have 30 minutes to practice on Skype with native speakers.
Tuesdays - Rio de Janeiro time 10:30 -11:00 15:30 - 16:00
Profile of the volunteer A person interested in volunteering with EnglishWorks, must believe in social change through education. We need a minimum of 30 minutes per week on Tuesdays for the Skype conversations with students. It takes another 10 minutes a week to study the dialogue for that week.
A volunteer must have access to a computer with a good internet connection and a place where conversation will not be interrupted by noise.
Volunteers receive a certificate at the end of the course.
Contact _ Send your resume to schedule a meeting via Skype!
Volunteers Manager
Roger Gillespie