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Authentic China, authentic spoken Chinese, great team in Northeast China

Date 2017-06-07 21:06:21 Location : Asia:China

If you prefer authentic China versus a western enclave city, if you want the purest spoken Mandarin and you want to work with a terrific team, consider our school in DongBei (Northeast) China.
Also, working in a safe, welcoming, and legal environment is something many teachers want. We provide that, and a lot more.
This is a one year contract. Books and materials are provided.
Our school has been licensed by SAFEA, (State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs) to hire foreign expert teachers since 2004.
You will be working fully legally with no visa games and legal runarounds.
Our school offers the following
* Base Pay is 8000 RMB per month.
* Up to 2,000 RMB housing allowance paid monthly in addition to wages, (or free housing).
* 8,000 RMB Airfare allowance – paid cash at end of contract.
* No office hours
* Average workweek is 21.5 hours
* Six weeks (42 days) paid vacation/holidays.
* Two consecutive days off each week,
* Medical Insurance (limited).
* Upon your arrival at the school, we will pay the costs associated with processing your China physical exam, and obtaining a fully legal working Visa (FRP) based on a valid Z Visa. Our school is SAFEA licensed to hire foreigners.
If you are interested in learning Mandarin, Jilin sits within what many consider the zone of “purest” Mandarin spoken.
Your coworkers are a small team of dedicated professionals who are welcoming and supportive to new teachers. We work hard to ensure every person hired is a good fit for the school and, importantly, our team of teachers.
We have a Chinese staff who understand your needs. Whether it is getting your documents processed, fixing something in your apartment or helping you buy something, you will have capable, responsive and professional assistance.
Employment Qualifications:
* College Graduate
* An ESL/TEFL/TESL certificate from an ESL program of study
* A local, (city-wide not national/regional) police background check showing you have no felony arrests/convictions. (MANDATORY)