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ESL Teachers - Sydney

Date 2017-06-30 21:06:41 Location : Oceania

Job Location:
ILSC-Sydney is seeking qualified and dynamic ESL Teachers and Tutors available to work days or evenings, in a friendly, fast-paced environment.

Teach ILSC’s diverse range of English programs and courses to both adult and young English language learners. ILSC offers English language courses in the following general and specialized areas:

Academic English
Creative and Cultural English courses (ie. Filmmaking, Drama, Creative Arts)
Business English
Test Preparation (IELTS, Cambridge, TOIEC)
Junior Programs (Teaching students aged 13-17)
Positions are available on an ongoing basis.
Job Duties:
Teachers prepare lessons designed to increase students’ language skills, their accuracy and fluency, appropriate to a broad range of situations and needs, and in accordance with the ILSC Curriculum Guidelines and Course Outlines. High quality delivery is expected. Responsibilities include:

eliciting students’ interests and language needs in an organized way
assessing students language needs and planning lessons in accords with ILSC Course Curriculum and Student Progress Reports for the level being taught
selecting appropriate materials and resources (including ILSC online resources)
using materials effectively
creating an atmosphere that encourages all students equally in self- expression, self-reflection, cooperation and leadership
planning outings that reflect the experiential aspect of language and culture
evaluating progress (ongoing) and conferring with students individually according to the specifics outlined in the Monthly Progress Report
The teacher is expected to use a range of modern and traditional language learning techniques and methodology including the following:

building students’ vocabulary acquisition for formal and informal situations e.g. dialogues, discussion, role-plays, outings
introducing, practicing and reviewing language structures (grammar) using a communicative approach
developing communication strategies such as initiating, maintaining, closing of verbal interactions across a wide spectrum of situations drawn from daily life
increasing communicative skill through appropriate question and answer techniques, presentations, decision-making, offering feedback to others, analyzing and evaluating situations, negotiating, debating, etc.
shaping pronunciation and speech production towards natural English
supporting and encouraging students to self-correct
evaluating and offering feedback to the students in ways that increase their self-confidence in using English
Essential Qualifications, Skills, and Attributes:
All ESL teachers at ILSC must possess the following qualifications.

a completed Bachelor’s degree
a completed CELTA or TESOL (or equivalent)
Contact Information:
Applicants can send their resume to Chris Keith, Director of Studies, Lisa.Cairns@ilsc.com.au