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Job Opening at 21st Century International School in Beijing

Date 2017-09-14 19:09:04 Location : Asia:China

School Introduction 
Beijing Twenty-first Century Experimental Kindergarten was founded in 1995 and became the first private bilingual kindergarten in Beijing, after 21 years of accumulated experience, it now owns nearly 40 direct kindergartens, has nearly 2000 faculty and staff, and a total number of 10,000 children. There is 540 million yuan for education's investment. 
Educational Objective: Cultivating citizens of the world that are patriotic, able to embrace an International vision, and take part in intercultural communications.
Direct area: Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Suzhou, Sichuan, Hunan, Shenyang, Changchun 
School Mission: All for our students, for all students, for students of all.
The Cultural of Kindergarten 
Kindergarten objective: encourage every child to receive good development 
Management Concepts: democracy, harmony, humanity, innovation 
Democratic view education: squat down to speak, hold up to communicate, hold hands to educate. 
Kindergarten guidelines: regard the laws and regulations as the yardstick; look at children’s development as a fundamental, existed by the quality characteristics, not-for-profit. 
Curricula and teaching core objectives: the cultivation of self-confidence, independence; concern, cooperation; explore and innovate new Chinese international future.
Job Description: 
• Provide group class instruction to Chinese 3-6 age students in the Kindergarten. 
• Possess a recognized qualification in early childhood education, child development or other related fields 
• Demonstrate a commitment to work for the best interest of young children from different cultures 
• Understand and adhere to the curriculum, policies and procedures of the international Kindergarten. 
• Be prepared to develop a working knowledge of both Chinese and Western early years curriculum methodology 
• Demonstrate an ability to relate well to young children 
• Work to establish a positive and healthy relationship with parents and families 
• Demonstrate professionalism: in dress, in manner and with staff relationships in the international kindergarten environment 
• Follow the guidance, direction and leadership of the Head of Curriculum as required 
• Provide evidence that there are no police charges or convictions that may affect employment with young children
Qualifications required: 
• Bachelor's degree or above; 
• English-Native speakers 
• TESOL or TEFL certificate holder. 
• At least one year ESL teaching experience or experience teaching K-12. 
• Non-criminal record, no bad habits. 
• Graduates with advanced degrees in education/educational administration will be given additional priority. 
• Patient, easy-going, with strong interpersonal, collaborative, organizational skills and teamwork spirit. 
• Dynamic teaching, Chinese Etiquette, acquirement and skills. 
• To be a model of virtue for students. 
• Candidates with intermediate or advanced Mandarin will be given preference. 
• Handicraft manufacture will be preference. 
• Familiarity with the Chinese education system will be given preference.
Working schedule and responsibility: 
• Office hour: 8hrs/day Monday to Friday; Weekends off. 
• 7:45-16:45 with 2hours non contract time with children 
• Conduct courses in accordance with set schedule 
• Frequent communication with relevant departments or certain coordinators to maintain the flow of info, and to better solve the foreseeing or existing problems in teaching process 
• Correct homework and essays answer student questions during office hours 
• Develop curriculum for required programs 
• Participate in marketing activities such as giving presentations and demo classes, or meeting with prospective students and their parents
Compensation & Benefits 
• Salary will be based on education and experience (16,000RMB per month or above) 
• A Work Visa will be provided 
• 2500RMB per month for housing allowance 
• To provide three meals per day 
• Opportunities to get the bonus according to work performance every month. 
• Opportunities for promotion to leadership positions for teachers who stay more than one year 
• To provide one way trip ticket of economy class from location to Beijing for assume office. 
• National holiday will be provided 
• Extra one day rest for Christmas day. 
• Extra two weeks holidays during the summer vacation and winter vacation respectively