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6 Ways To Overcome Homesickness Whilst Teaching English Abroad

6 Ways To Overcome Homesickness Whilst Teaching English Abroad
Admin - Sep 23 2015

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You’re 3 months in…the excitement of being in a new place, crafting your skills as a TEFL teacher, meeting new people and perhaps working on your tan is suddenly not quite as exciting as it once was and it’s finally clear why… you miss home.

First things first, you’re not abnormal. Being away from friends, family and just those familiar things back home can be tricky. Here are six ways the TEFL experts have come up with to help you overcome homesickness when you’re feeling a little bit down in the dumps…

1) Call someone back home – With Facebook, Skype, Facetime, Twitter and Instagram dominating social media, connecting with loved ones back home has never been easier. Not only do you get to see what people back home have been up to but you can also share your journey with friends and family…they miss you too!

2) Get a VPN! A what? A Virtual Private Network, if you must know. Whilst we’re on the topic of internet, the one thing that really got on my nerves whilst I was living abroad was the dodgy internet…and I really missed trashy TV. A VPN is a private network that uses a public network, aka the internet, to connect remote sites or users together…still confused? If you’re teaching English abroad paying for a VPN (such as TunnelBear) means that you can catch up with your favourite TV programmes from anywhere in the world…winner.

3) Expat Bars and Being a Tourist – get out there – not encouraging you to drown your sorrows, but there’s no reason to feel like you’re cheating by hanging out with fellow expats or doing touristy things. Although many travellers aim for cultural immersion, want to learn the local language and make friends with the locals – there is absolutely no problem with wanting to do something that will remind you of home! So get out there, find an Irish bar (there’s one everywhere isn’t there?) and eat something that reminds you of home!

4) Get People to Visit! They’ll have a free place to crash! I can’t think of many people that would pass up an opportunity to come and visit if they only had airfare to pay.

5) Remind Yourself Why You Did It! Remember that day when you first decided to give up your 9-5 job, do something incredible, travel the world and really stick it to the man? Boy oh boy was that a good day. If the feeling is a bit diluted at the moment picture your old life – filling in spreadsheets and spending the weekend inside because the weather is just too miserable outside…Now look around you!

6) Make a Change! Maybe you just need a destination change. If you’ve got the travel bug, I’m sorry to tell you that it can’t be easily cured. One well-known treatment for wanderlust is to travel to another country, get a new job and meet new people! Insatiable desire to travel the world…solved!

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