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7 Reasons NOT to Do A TEFL Course

7 Reasons NOT to Do A TEFL Course
Admin - Aug 25 2015

We seem to spend all our time trying to convince people how much fun teaching English abroad is and explaining the benefits of a properly run TEFL course. So today we’re going to have a break from it and explain seven reasons why you shouldn’t bother doing a TEFL course at all.

Number one: Mmm, sweaty
You’re really looking forward to that ‘sweaty under the armpits, good God what am I doing?’ feeling when you go into a foreign classroom completely unprepared. The nerves, stress and disappointed looks of your students’ faces are what will make it all so much fun.

Number two: You know it all already?
You already know everything you need to know about Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Your knowledge of grammar is pretty much perfect. You can spot a subordinate clause from a mile away and can safely say you never make speling mistakes.

Number three: Fearless
Huge classes full of riotous kids hold no fear for you. You reckon you’ve got the skills, charm and knowledge you need to work out fun lessons that’ll keep your students interested and well behaved. You had great teachers at all your schools and they always managed to make everyone in the class behave impeccably pretty much all the time. So you’ll just do what they used to do. How hard could it be?

Number four: Cash to burn?
You’d rather do a CELTA course. You’ve got 4 weeks of your life and £1000 of your hard earned savings you don’t really need. And those six extra hours of observed teaching practice you get on a CELTA seem well worth all that extra cash! You couldn’t possibly find a cheaper TEFL course and then organize some voluntary English teaching work and a reference all by yourself.

Number five: You LOVE your sofa!
You don’t really fancy teaching abroad. Sounds a bit overrated, the food is too weird. Seriously, who needs a pretty much guaranteed way to earn money anywhere on the planet? It’s much better to stay at home, have a nice cup of tea and eat toast on the sofa. Careful of the crumbs.

Number six: ¿Habla Español?
The world would be a better place if everyone spoke Spanish. Don’t you think? Even their word for toilet is nice – servicio. (Go on say it aloud with your best Spanish accent). I rest my case.

What do you think? Should you do a TEFL course before heading overseas to teach?

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