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7 Reasons Why TEFL Is Perfect For Your Gap Year!

7 Reasons Why TEFL Is Perfect For Your Gap Year!
Admin - Sep 12 2015

So you want to head out for a year of f.u.n and why shouldn’t you?! You deserve a break after all that studying. Travelling the world is one of the best ways to get some great life experience under your belt. However, one of the main problems most people have with their Gap yahh is funding it! But, if you’re earning whilst you’re out there…see where I’m going with this? TEFL is your answer!

Here are ten no-brainer reasons why you should pick TEFL everytime for your Gap Year!

1) The Classic – it’s a HUGE CV boost – What are they always telling you at School/College/Uni? You need experience. TEFL is a great way to get just that! The main purpose of teaching English abroad is to educate and to provide a service to a much needed need – the amazing experience you have just happens to be an added bonus :)Doing something worthwhile will set you apart from the crowd, so when you do decide to join the rat race you’ll have a bit of a leg up!

2) The Dollar! – Going on the usual gap year (Thailand, Austrailia etc) can be an expensive venture but with a TEFL course once you’re qualified, you’re earning! Here’s an example of typical salaries that you could be earning. It is also definitely worth looking into some of the perks that come along with teaching contracts. In China, for example, it is often the case that schools will provide accommodation or at least subsidise your rent.

3) Travel! -  A topic that regularly makes me green with envy. Just because you have a regular working contract doesn’t mean you can’t travel on the weekends! Spare time, public holidays and school holidays are a perfect chance to travel to neighbouring countries/cities. Definitely make the most of it whilst you can!

4) Independence/Freedom/Finding Yourself – whatever you want to call it, it basically means that your mum won’t be cooking you food and doing your washing for you! Teaching abroad is a fantastic opportunity for personal growth as it will give you real responsibility for others and put you out of your comfort zone.

5) Pick Up Another Language – If you’re a bit of a linguist and fancy your hand at picking up other languages (another big tick on your CV!) moving to another country and immersing yourself in its culture is one of the best ways to do this.

6) Put Your Parent’s Minds At Rest – It’s worthwhile! Need you say more?

7) It’s A Challenge! – This is no picnic; there will be times when you’ve fallen behind on your lesson plans or wish home was just around the corner but at the end of it you’ll have something incredible to show for it, rather than just an epic hangover…

8) It Doesn’t Have To End! Liked China? Thinking about South Korea next? Pick up another teaching contract and away you go, it’s all possible with TEFL…

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