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Can I TEFL With My Family?

Can I TEFL With My Family?
Admin - Oct 03 2015








One of the most common questions we get here is ‘Can I TEFL with my family?’ Luckily for you, the answer is a resounding YES! Teaching overseas (and having an epic adventure) isn’t just the reserve of gap year students and eager graduates. It’s also a great option for many families. So, today we’re going to show you a different interpretation of TEFL. Totally Exciting Family Life!

TEFL with Kids: Some countries will give a great quality of life and allow you to spend time with your kids. When teaching in South Korea, China and Japan for instance, working in a private language institute will usually involve working in the late afternoon to the late evening, so if you have young children this could actually be ideal! If your children are of school age, bear in mind that international school fees can be extremely expensive, so look for a position where school fees are subsidised or included. As a rule of thumb, the better the job, the more likely it is that they’ll include this in their benefits package.

Before deciding on an international school, it may be worth researching the quality of the native school system. Will it provide the kind of education you’re looking for and how easily could your child assimilate? Bringing your child up as bilingual (or even tri-lingual) could give them a big advantage in life later on!

TEFL as a Couple: Almost every TEFLer knows a couple who’ve gone away together. Teaching overseas with a partner gives you someone to share all your great new experiences with*! Countries that include accommodation in their benefits package will be especially keen to hire couples, as they’ll only be paying for one apartment not two! It’s worth bearing in mind that working with a partner, day in, day out could put stress onto any happy relationship, so why not try and find a Language Institute with lots of different branches within the same city.

*You’ll also have someone there to support you when you get overly distressed over the lack of peanut butter in your local corner shop.

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