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So you want to head out for a year of f.u.n and why shouldn’t you?! You deserve a break after all that studying. Travelling the world is one of the best ways to get some great life experience under your belt. However, one of the main problems most people have with their Gap yahh is funding it! But, if you’re earning whilst you’re out there…see where I’m going with this? TEFL is your answer!

5 Big Mistakes New Teachers Make

Admin - Sep 09 2015

You’ve done your TEFL course and got your first TEFL job (Hurrah!) This is all very exciting but actually a little daunting too! Not to worry, as long as you don’t fall for these five common mistakes, teaching English will seem like a walk in the park!

Of course! With a TEFL course, making a living abroad has never been easier! Picking your own destination, travelling and making money? Perfect.  General rule of thumb – if you live like the locals you’ll earn enough money to live  comfortably. However, whether you plan on saving whilst you’re out there or whether you’re happy enough to break even safe in the knowledge that you’re having the opportunity of a lifetime is up to you!

7 Reasons NOT to Do A TEFL Course

Admin - Aug 25 2015

We seem to spend all our time trying to convince people how much fun teaching English abroad is and explaining the benefits of a properly run TEFL course. So today we’re going to have a break from it and explain seven reasons why you shouldn’t bother doing a TEFL course at all.

If you’re looking to change your life and head off on a brand new TEFL adventure, chances are you’ll be looking to save money along the way. But we think too many of these ‘how to save cash and alienate friends along the way’ articles tend to suggest ways to save that might not necessarily apply to your lifestyle

If you’re thinking about heading over to Thailand to start a career teaching English, here are just a few tips to help you settle in to local life over there.

There are a lot of sites out in the world wide webland with lots of dos and don’ts when it comes to writing the perfect CV, so what makes this post any different? Well for starters, it’s tried and tested. This formula has been used to bag many a great TEFL job over the years. It’s almost a secret family recipe, but we want to help you so we’re sharing it with you…Follow these helpful tips and you’ll soon be living it up in your dream destination with your dream TEFL job!

Everyone has their own style of teaching. Some people treat their students like friends and do all they can to make them feel comfortable and relaxed in the classroom. Others like to instill strict discipline and keep things a little more formal. Whatever your style and whatever your approach to teaching English abroad, these 10 basic TEFL principles will make sure that your lessons will work well and help your students learn.

TEFL, TESOL, ESL however you’ve explained your trip of a lifetime to others, it’s important you feel ready and raring to go when it comes to teaching English overseas. Maybe you’ll be sharing your knowledge with Chinese infants, Japanese businessmen or Thai teenagers- whatever you’re plans, here are a few tips help get you primed and prepped. 

There are thousands of exciting opportunities out there just waiting for you. Life changing, memorable and often unforgettable. How can you bag one of these jobs I hear you ask! Well here are a few inside secrets and industry tips to take you from beginner to fully fledged TEFL teacher and globe trotter in no time at all!