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How To Teach English Outside Of The Classroom!

How To Teach English Outside Of The Classroom!
Admin - Oct 18 2015

Who said your TEFL adventure had to be at a school? Here’s a hint… no one!

Shhh Lectures in progressIf you’re under the impression that teaching English abroad means that you’re faced with a horde of 4-18 year olds in a school everyday then you might be pleasantly surprised to find that you’re mistaken.

If you’re looking for a different kind of TEFL experience then there are plenty of TEFL alternatives to be explored!

Tell us more, we hear you say! Here are just three options for alternative adventures:

1) Become A University Lecturer!

It’s OK to admit that teaching English to children isn’t for everyone, so becoming a university lecturer is a great alternative if you want to remain within the education system.


• Class control won’t be an issue – University students are serious about their learning so there won’t be any need to prepare a list of rules etc.

• Your experience + advanced English learners = a higher wage!

• Your time to shine – more often than not employers are looking for experienced TEFL teachers so if you’ve got a few year’s teaching experienced behind you this is a chance for real job progression!

Things to consider

• They’ll know more than you… If you’re teaching advanced English learners you won’t be able to hide from pesky grammar questions. They will be asked, and you will be expected to answer them… correctly!

• Not great for shy people! University lectures obviously vary in size – you could be teaching in a small classroom but then again you could be in a large lecture theatre… so if even the thought of public speaking has turned you into a quivering mess you might want to give this option a miss!

Where to go? Saudi Arabia and the UAE

2) Corporate Teacher!

English is one of the most spoken languages among the business community. As a result, many employers are keen for their staff to at least have some grasp of the language.

If you’ve got a few years teaching experience and are looking for something a bit different then business English is definitely a good (and lucrative) option.

If you’re looking to make a career out of TEFL then getting specialized as a Business English teacher is definitely worth your while! It is often advised that investing in a higher level TEFL course such as the EDI CertTEFL, CELTA or Trinity TESOL or even an MA in TEFL will help boost your career prospects.

Top tip: Get professional; Make business cards advertising yourself as a English language expert!

3) Summer Camp Teacher!

The previous two TEFL jobs have required lots of experience… but what about if you don’t have any? Help is at hand!

Teaching at a summer camp is a fantastic (and fun) way to dip your toes in before you take the plunge into the world of TEFL. Short teaching contracts, anything from a week to the full summer months, mean that you don’t have to commit to a long teaching contract straight away.

What if you’re already a TEFL teacher? Summer camps are also a great option to boost your salary if you’re thinking about teaching in Europe full-time. As many teaching contracts often finish around June time, many TEFL teacher then go on to teach in summer camps to supplement their salaries.

Positives to Camp

• It’s fun!

• Your employer will often provide you with accommodation and food for the duration of your contract!

• Good for short-term TEFL options i.e. boosting your CV during university holidays.

Things to consider

• Mastering the fun/work balance can be tricky. When your students are surrounded by fun activities to look forward to it’s important to let your students know that once they step foot in the classroom it’s time to work.

• Working to target – if you’re teaching at a language school during the summer then students might be working towards their exams. The school will expect to see results… from you!

Ready for an alternative TEFL adventure?

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