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Top Tips for Bagging a Great TEFL Job

Top Tips for Bagging a Great TEFL Job
Admin - Jun 30 2015

There are thousands of exciting opportunities out there just waiting for you. Life changing, memorable and often unforgettable. How can you bag one of these jobs I hear you ask! Well here are a few inside secrets and industry tips to take you from beginner to fully fledged TEFL teacher and globe trotter in no time at all!
A Picture says a Thousand Words
Unlike traditional C.V’s TEFL job postings often ask for a photo of you! This allows the employer to get a full idea of who you are and if they’re meeting you at the airport this is sure to help with proceedings!
Make a killer TEFL C.V
You need to sell yourself. So you’re TEFL qualified-great! But don’t forget to mention any relevant experience or hobbies you have. This will add to your C.V and display your personality.
Want some top tips and templates to help you create the perfect C.V? Why not take a look at TEFL Uncovered?
It can be a long way to go to realise your TEFL job turned out to be a TEFL nightmare. If you’ve decided to search for a job independently make sure you do your research first. Can the school put you in touch with their current English teachers? Has anyone on Chalkboard heard of them?
Remember if a job seems too good to be true, it probably is!
Get Qualified
With the different certifications out there it can often get confusing! The top and bottom of it is. An i-to-i TEFL qualification will get you a job in a non English speaking country. Some countries require a degree (For VISA reasons) and some positions will prefer experience- it all depends on where and with whom you apply. Most reputable schools will require a minimum of at least 120 hours certification.
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Get firsthand advice
The best way to get a feel for the next leg of your TEFL journey is to cat to people who have been there and done it themselves! You can often get some brilliant tips meaning you’ll know the best places to go, get prepared for life in the classroom and who knows- find yourself some friends!
Chalkboard is ready and waiting for you!
Be aware of TEFL hot-spots
Although the TEFL market is huge there are certain countries where there is more demand to learn English meaning there’s more demand for you! You’ll find countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand are desperate for TEFL teachers meaning you’ll have many more schools to choose from…lucky you!

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