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Over almost fifty years in the classroom, I found I needed to find ways to reduce stress. Stress became greater as I accepted more responsibility in the second half of my career as a head of a large Mathematics department. During this time, the school grew and there were significant changes in the Mathematics syllabi and in the teaching of Mathematics. I found that my time was not mine anymore with students, parents, teachers and the school administration wanting my ti

Though there is hardly any fully fledged English for Specific Purposes (ESP) program run in professional institutions in India, teaching of one of its better known forms English for Science and Technology (EST) in tertiary level has up to now practically limited service role for work and study, accommodating demands for 'communicative' skills and 'needs' of the rural students who have limited previous exposure to functional abilities in English. Despite years of teaching communicative skills and scientific and technical English, qualitatively, I am afraid, there has not been much improvement,

The History of the English Language Rojin Ramezani, Shahin Ahmadi Shad* *.E-mail: Abstarct The English language is spoken in most parts of the world ,different people with different nationalities use it in different ways ,it seems to be known by most people ,so it is called "world language" .studies have shown that the use of English spread all over the world by people and various organizations ,especially in recent centuries .for example scientific researchers are written and published in English ,politics and business are often carried out in English

Recent figures have shown that 1 in 6 primary school children in the UK have English as a second language. This has led to some concern that teachers are becoming overburdened with the pressures brought by a multi-lingual classroom. Schools, too, are said to be struggling, because teaching children with a variety of needs requires hiring extra teaching assistants in an already cash-strapped education system.

Abstract for some subscales such as self-actualization, self-regard, optimism, happiness, and stress-management. T-test analysis confirmed that participants having higher EQ abilities achieved higher

When you were in school, did you ever notice that some students hardly studied at all and still got good marks? While you on the other hand needed to study hard to get the same results. Yet some classes you needed to study less than others to get the same results. There are numerous psychological and motivational reasons why this is so, but the major influence is the difference in brain processing between the student and the teacher.