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Even though I’m not a millionaire, YET, I have learned to interact with the most successful teachers I know here in H.K, and just from the conversations we had and the stories they shared, I managed to draw out a few lessons and here’s some of the most important stuff I learned from them, it could also be useful to you in your teaching journey. Focus on the Demand   In your teaching career here in Hong Kong, you have to focus on what the students and parents actually need. Recently, I have seen a lot courses being developed that do not address any specific need but are just there as a col

These days, care is taken when one embarks on the project of hiring teachers. When everyone claims to be certified and qualified English speaking teachers and yet their curriculum leaves so much to be desired, little wonder everyone has resorted to hiring teachers who have the TESOL certification. It is comfortable to assume that there are no other supervisory boards for teachers on an international level thus making it easy for scammers to emerge; the fact is that not everyone who speaks well can teacher with same fervor. Teaching is an art, therefore teaching with impeachable  English gramm

 Parents who are stressed and exhausted by helping with homework feel that way because they make their child's homework their problem rather than their child's. And it needn't be that way! Here are three things that you can stop doing right now so that the stress and exhaustion disappears. ...

Maybe the word "travail" is a bit exaggerated, but the task at hand for a first-year teacher is nevertheless one that requires a special effort. Not everybody is cut to be a teacher, to guide the destiny of 25 or 150 students every year (from elementary to high school).

Elementary school teachers are responsible for the educational and emotional development of children in the beginning of their academic years. Most elementary school teachers instruct one class of children in several subjects; although some of them teach one special subject (usually music, art, reading, science, or physical education) to a number of different classes at different times.

Teaching English in Korea is an amazing experience. There is a huge demand for ESL teachers in Korea. Korea offers the best contracts in Asia!