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Effective classroom teachers tend to have strengths in classroom management efforts. Teachers who know how to manage their classrooms create an effective environment that is conducive to educating students. The challenge for some teachers is knowing how to organize their classrooms so they have minimal behavior problems. In college, teachers are generally taught how to put together a discipline plan for their classrooms; this plan is supposed to resolve any behavior problems in their classrooms. We know that effective classrooms require more, and teachers who are successful end up creating a c

In my other classroom organization ideas articles, we focused on organizing the teacher and student's desk for optimal learning. This article describes techniques for getting the most out of student supplies used every day in the classroom. All schools are different, but most teachers have to develop a system for maximizing their resources regardless of their supplies budget. If you're out of ideas, I hope this article provides some valuable tips for your next teaching year.

This article describes and articulate the unique dispositions of Gen Y employees in Singapore. How they see the world in their eyes and a localized experience of working with Gen Ys in Singapore. and how as facilitators we can engage them.

Being interrupted when you're trying to teach is frustrating. So how exactly do you stop students interrupting and disrupting the flow of your lessons to the detriment of teaching and learning in your classroom?

Mentoring might be described as the activities conducted by a person (the mentor) for another person (the mentee) in order to help that other person to do a job more effectively and/or to progress in their career. But what I am about to narrate have never crossed my mind or the minds of disciplinarians!

Melissa text messages her friend Nancy during a Macbeth exam in their fourth period English class: "4 iz B. No tchr cant c me ok. Meet u out front @ 3. L8tr!" Many professionals within the educational field would probably agree that cell phones do distract teens in class.