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Being a great ESL teacher is so much more than just knowing a lot about the English language. Nothing exists in a vacuum. You’re never just explaining English grammar principles or drilling vocabulary. You’re interacting with real live human beings, each with their own unique temperaments, needs, and ESL goals. The more students you attempt to teach at one time, the harder you may find it to effectively manage your classroom time and attention, which means your students are likely to learn far less from you than they could. Class Size Matters  Working in small groups is generally much mor

When we hear the word differentiation, many of us automatically think about developing instructional activities that are appropriate for a student's learning ability. However, how many people think of behavior when they hear the word differentiation?

Teachers are always looking for better ways to help their students who cause problems in the class to work more effectively. They have learned from experience that punishment is only a short-term solution and often has more negative consequences than benefits. Contracting is an alternative classroom management strategy. It does have a number of advantages when it comes to the management of the behavior of one particular student in the class.

Many of the classroom management strategies that we discuss have a more general application. Let's take a look at some strategies for students who need to move around during class time. The first thing we need to determine is what need is the behavior attempting to satisfy. Our best guess of the top three possibilities is a good starter. Monitor the student's behavior and his response to your actions and words. That is the best way to discover which of your explanations is correct and decide how to respond.

Cheating in school is one of those things that really had no place in the earliest learning institutions, because there would have been no point to it. If you go all the way back to the time when tutors would teach individuals or small groups about what was known about the world at the time, the purpose of that process was just that the student would end up knowing whatever was being discussed. He did not need to prove it to anyone in any official way, becau

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