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Actually, is it possible to modify anyone's behavior if that person is not willing to listen to input and advice and eager to make some changes. Little kids may need modeling and practice to achieve acceptable behavior simply because they have not performed certain tasks before or because they have not had positive role models. When children have only witnessed misbehavior and poor manners, they replicate them unaware that other expectations exist. If Mom slouches and

Many of the classroom management strategies that we discuss have a more general application. Let's take a look at some strategies for students who need to move around during class time. The first thing we need to determine is what need is the behavior attempting to satisfy. Our best guess of the top three possibilities is a good starter. Monitor the student's behavior and his response to your actions and words. That is the best way to discover which of your explanations is correct and decide how to respond.

Well, of course you should not tackle them (though, sometimes you may want to). But there are ways of handling that clump of students who cannot seem to resist the temptation to talk, whisper, and pass notes. As the fifth in a series of eight articles on classroom management, this piece will give strategies to help you rein in your gaggle of gossipers.

As a substitute teacher you will need to have as many tricks and devices as possible to help motivate your students toward good behavior. In this article I will share a few that have worked well.

The ideal time to check who's in class is when the teacher has provided some input and the students are ready to start the activity. Since students have already connected with the academic focus of your lesson plan, they won't be distracted. Teachers do not necessarily need to call out names. Just a simple head check should take you only a few minutes.

For efficient management of classroom the time management is very crucial. Most of the time of teacher is wasted on settling down, taking attendance and firing. Out of 40 minutes of a period, more than half of the time is wasted in the non teaching activities. In this article you will find some great tips to effectively manage your time.