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The main vector of the Old English language in the history of the English language was formed with settlement of Germanic tribes of Angles, Saxons and Jutes on the British Isles in the 5th century, who came to Britain, which was the Roman province during 400 years, and settled there after the breakdown of the Roman Empire. The original geographical names that had survived since that time, originated from the language of the Celtic population of Britain subjugated by the Anglo-Saxons. At that time, the population of Britain communicated basically, like all Roman provinces, in Latin - simplified

What is the most frequent belief of English student about the neuro-linguistic learning process? In my experience, the most commonly-held belief of students who I take on is that the brain is a vessel, which, when full up with lots of stuff, will allow them to reach their highest possible level of fluency. The belief is that the mind needs some brain food before the actual doing can be up to standards. Many students pursue this belief without ever questioning what they believe or how it affects their English ability. I think it is great to view the mind as an ever-expanding pool, which you can

I have taken several courses and workshops for teachers, but only few online. Four years ago I took my first one. I took it mainly to experiment and I paid for it. It was offered by TESOL. It was a course to learn how to teach young learners. Our online instructor was Annie Hughes a very experienced teacher and teacher trainer as well as book writer. We learnt how young learners learn, how to implement activities for reading, writing, listening and speaking skills as well as techniques for using stories, songs and rhymes, games and role-play in the classroom. We also considered the role of ass

A short paper on how Japanese learners of English face particular problems when it comes to the act of listening and some ideas for how to overcome these obstacles. This paper might be useful for anyone who is teaching beginning level English students in Japan

Classroom language is that collection of phrases used for communication among teacher and students, from "Open your books to page fifteen" to "May I go to the bathroom?" While emphasis is usually placed primarily on the target language, classroom language, too, can be an invaluable way of promoting English as real communication, student involvement in the lesson, and active language learning skills.

When a school searches for a new teacher for an open teaching position, they already have an image of the teacher they want. Every school has certain qualities they feel a teacher must have to be successful. Those qualities can be many things depending on the needs and location of the school. While the qualities that each school considers important may vary, there are usually shared qualities that all schools would consider important to the job.