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   Essentially, as ESL teachers, we need to focus on our students' success in mastering speaking, reading, writing and studying in English. Teaching is a two-way process. As we are all aware, we learn from every student, as they seek to learn from us.      Here are some tips for a balanced approach to become more effective ESL education. (1) Determine who each student is, from which land they have migrated, which language is their native tongue, which customs they practise, and what their goals are, as they master the challenge of learning English in a different culture. (2) Develop a '

There are 8 main ESL learning methods: These learning methods are; active, reflective, visual, verbal, sequential, global, intuitive and sensing. Active Learners Active Learners learn best by being involved in the lesson. This means having lots of discussions in class. It also means that the teacher must give active learners a chance to participate. When studying, it is advisable for active learners to make their own ESL study notes and then have a discussion with frie

Teaching English as a second language doesn’t have to be difficult at all. With the invention of modern technological facilities, life has been made much easier for language instructors. In the short discussion, we will be looking at how to make use of technology in ESL classrooms. Our aim as English as a second language instructor is to help our students enjoy learning English so as to become effective speakers. There are a few ways you can teach ESL with the aid of technology and achieve this:   1. Games   Everyone loves games. The old, the young, men and women are love playing games. Th

English is the world’s most widely-used commercial language, and in the 21st century, being able to speak good conversational English is almost a prerequisite for success. There are, consequently, many countries where those who can effectively teach English as a second language are very much in demand.

Many ESL teachers may not be familiar with the idea of circle time. It is a part of lesson, usually the first thing that you do, where the concepts are repeated on a daily (or weekly) basis. It's generally used in preschool or early elementary school classes, but it can be quite effective for use in the ESL classroom.

Learning English as a second or foreign language can be difficult for some students. There are several different ways to learn, and many people benefit from a wider approach than the traditional methods employed in most classrooms. Adding games and activities that appeal to all the different ESL learning styles along with your standard curriculum can transform your lessons and make the time more productive for all!