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Teachers tend to have free reign in their classrooms in their decisions on how to teach their students and as such different learning styles are often apparent in schools. Yet which are the most effective and why are these not being used in every classroom if they benefit the students best? All students learn best in different ways so it is hard to know what methods are best. However, here are some methods that have proved to be the most effective. · Visual - Visual L

As children begin to approach the age of kindergarten, many parents begin to be concerned that the child is prepared for school. Educators have shared these same concerns throughout the years and have established some development theories that can aid parents in addressing their concerns. Educators will use those theories of development to understand the learning processes and to arrange their classroom and curriculum.

In her article, "Participant Structures and Communicative Competence: Warm Springs Children in Community and Classroom" Susan Philips described the disjuncture between verbal encounters in classrooms where young North American Indians get formally educated and in their native communities where they learn the particular skills their people deem necessary in their roles as members of the community. This disjuncture represents one of the major challenges being encountered in the primary and secondary education of North American Indians which have been widely reported in previous research and are

Tutors, learning centers, medication, and special resources have been used to help students with learning disabilities advance through school. Using brain research, a new learning technique can permanently solve learning problems so outside help will no longer be necessary to succeed academically.

To change your life, simply change your learning! It's a small and effortless change that comes with big benefits! "Learn to learn" and never look back.

Imagine a classroom tailored in accordance with the likes and dislikes of your child. In your son’s class competition, physical activity and choice activities dominate the learning environment—even for math and language arts!! In your daughter’s class, she and her friends sit in groups; they collaborate and have the opportunity to be creative and inquisitive without the distraction of rambunctious little boys. These are the characteristics of the single