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Learning comes in different forms and its importance varies from person to person. If someone is taking it lightly then it is something which is very easy to learn, but on the other hand some people think of it as an extremely difficult task to accomplish. However, teachers are always there to help to overcome the obstacles and make learning uncomplicated. They make learning easier for students helping them understand the knowledge or information better. Learning is a joint effort, as in most of the cases the process of learning involves both the learners and the teachers to make learning effe

Today's 21st century learning skills require new and different abilities than were required 5 or 10 years ago. Our economy will be in jeopardy if we do educate our students in current 21st century skills. Are we in the same place we were 5 years ago? Are we teaching how to properly email when most of our students are instant messaging? Are we adapting our 21st Century skills knowledge to a changing world? Are we focusing on what we really need to focus on, which are critical thinking skills, and how to ask questions that require answers from several resources? Are we teaching content instead o

If you think school, or a particular class is boring, then I challenge you to make it more interesting. Certainly if you were more interested you would pay more attention, spend more time studying and improve your performance. You would also be more interested if studying was not always the same routine and involved other ways of thinking and behaving than simply sitting and reading, or falling asleep over, a textbook. A creative studying technique that can help you increase grades and interest is to use the arts in class and in studying.

Student Centered Learning is basically defines as a form of learning where students are active participants while teachers play a proactive role. Group discussions and peer learning gave rise to this form of learning. Lets have a deep insight at student's based learning.

A practical combination of interpersonal intelligence and intrapersonal intelligence is called emotional intelligence. The important model on which this article is based was defined by Daniel Goleman in his great book EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

The goal of education has always been to achieve critical thinking. Needless to say, this involves a two-step process: first, students learn a great deal about a topic, whether in history, science or art; then they learn to arrange the information in new ways, to set one fact against another, to find new insights among this knowledge.