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Many people have the aspiration to study further. Education has become of utmost importance to improve the scope of your career. Basic degree education is not enough anymore. If you want to grow in your career, you need to have some added qualification which will help you get better jobs and make you a thorough professional. People who have higher qualification can apply for good job profiles along with a higher degree. It helps you up by many steps increasing the pace of your growth. When you plan to stud further, you will plan to do it from a reputed university. You will look for the best in

Not all teachers are equal, and not all students desire to learn. From ancient times the relationship between teacher and student was considered to be an important one. If the time spent at school is taken into account, a student may spend more than half of his or her waking hours at the school. Up to a third of that time is in a direct interactive way with their teachers. In all of history one name comes to mind when contemplating the greatest of teachers.

The other day, I was sitting in a think tank meeting, and one of the icebreakers to get our brainstorming session warmed up was to; name three new technologies or innovations which might help improve or even revolutionize education in America. It wasn't a trick question, it was one to get you to think.

Many are of the view that girls are brighter than boys, I disagree. I believe boys could outshine girls on any given day once they put their minds to it.

Much contemporary debate about the proper function of a school education attempts to delimit what should be taught or spoken about in schools, rather than promoting a more liberal attitude towards a general education. In avoiding the possibility of children being encouraged into deviant or indoctrinated ways of thinking...

Curiously, the idea of using government money to help send children to private schools is considered a very right-wing, conservative notion. Granted, in the U.S. it is mostly Republicans who support the concept, with Democrats against. Thus we have the odd situation of liberals opposing a government hand-out that has the potential to mostly benefit the poor and minorities.