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If you are struggling to be interested in a class, you are probably struggling in the class as well. The only way to make something more interesting is to be interested. Creative studying techniques can increase your level of interest - and once you're interested, you're bound to improve your grade - with the bonus of being interested. This article reviews the power of asking questions to increase interest and gives tips to help a student learn to ask more q

Secrets of how to pass those exams guaranteed revealed! Have you dreamed of being a straight "A" student? Dreamed of being the smartest in your class?

MindMapping is a tool that has been developed to enable a person to clearly organize his thoughts and ideas and create visual maps in his mind so that he can find solutions to problems.

Do you have a hard time learning? It can be easy, once you realize that learning is just a relationship. The minute you connect the unknown with the known, you have a relationship. Is someone trying to teach you something? Do they say put Tab A in Slot A. Good. You know what Tab A is, and you know what Slot A is.

Preparing yourself for a content test; or a reading comprehension test, can seem intimidating, especially if the idea of reading through lengthy passages and writing long essay answers makes your stomach turn. But here are some study tips to help you master even the longest most boring content test.

Have you ever touched a hot iron and then pulled your hand away really quickly to avoid getting burned? Did you have to think to yourself "Gee! - this iron is hot - I better not touch it any longer because it'll probably cause a really bad burn on my hand". The answer is obviously NO! You wouldn't have had any time to think about what you should do and pulling your hand away is automatic. It's what we call a "reflex" action. It doesn't involve much, if any, thinking because by the time you think about it, it's too late.