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Motivation to study is when you have the eagerness to study with your desire to have great marks. Eagerness to study comes when you have a future vision about your life and where do you want to be after graduation from college, without having such eagerness, studying could be challenging. A recent study showed that students who have a future vision so that they know what life looks like after graduation are more motivated than those who don't have a future vision. Here

Good exam preparation is about planning and discipline. Applying rigor and good self-discipline to one's efforts will put them in good stead for doing one's best. Here is a guide one can use to prepare and help ensure success on examination day.

Short term memory loss is a mental health illness wherein a person is unable to recall something that happened a few seconds or minutes ago. This kind of mental illness is usually associated with aging as well as other developmental disorders. Short term memory is essential since it allows you to remember that things that you recently did. It is true however, that short term memory loss is irreversible. But contrary to this, there are methods discovered by a

MindMapping is a tool that has been developed to enable a person to clearly organize his thoughts and ideas and create visual maps in his mind so that he can find solutions to problems.

If we grudge the time for improvement of simple mental computational skills, we will waste much more time when teaching other math topics.

This ACT test prep course represents the culmination of extensive work on the part of Dr. Lanny Acosta. The Acosta Guided Tour to ACT Success for ACT test prep online is the only online course actually written, developed and taught by the author himself.